Trump Should Be Very Worried About Shredded Documents!

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Donald Trump is 71 years old.  Paper shredders have been around since before Trump was born.  The ability to reconstitute shredded documents has been around almost as long.

By 2003 70-80% of documents shredded could be recreated.  Today the technology is even more efficient, and includes the ability to recreate documents from shredders that shred paper into confetti.  Recreating documents shredded into stripps is easy by comparison.

When the FBI siezed documents during the raid on Michael Cohen’s private residence, they confiscated 8  boxes of documents, 4 iphones, 1 ipad, severall hard drives, and shredded documents.  The judge appointed to review the items seized has reviewed over  292,000 items.     The federal government has so far turned over 3.7 million seized documents for Cohen’s attorneys to assess whether anything is privileged information. The FBI continues to pore over the shredded documents and an additional 19 storage devices including hard drives and thumb drives, as well as several Blackberry phones.

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Former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa said that the existence of shredded documents in Cohen’s office showed a “reason to believe that evidence was being destroyed” ahead of the FBI raid in April

The problem for Michael Cohen, and his client Donald Trump, is that the FBI is very good at reassembling shredded documents. It’s something they do well. They are looking at a huge volume of evidence,” Matt Miller, who is a MSNBC justice and security analyst, told “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

In a typical reconstruction process, technicians feed all the available shreds into a scanner. An automated software program then assigns a unique ID to each piece and analyzes a number of characteristics, including size, color, indentation, and font. Using a matching algorithm, the software then identifies potential neighboring shreds, displaying them onscreen for an operator to confirm.

During a hearing in federal district court on Wednesday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Rachel Maimin said that prosecutors would provide “the contents of a shredding machine” in coming days.  The federal judge assigned to weed through records seized last month from Cohen’s residence billed more than $47,000 for her first week on the job. It’s ironic that the federal government has an unlimited ability to fund the recreation of shredded documents.  Cohen’s three clients might consider investing in some state of the art shredders?


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  1. The American People have been patient with justice. The entire Republican Party have committed Treason and Espionage against the American People. Every Congressman and woman that have aided and enabled mr Donald john trump to commit the serious crimes are as guilty if not more. Each will be prosecuted.

    The American People DEMAND that Our Law Enforcement and Military remove Donald John Trump, his staff and the US Congress from Our Buildings and charge them accordingly for the crimes committed. Enough is enough. Time is up.

    This is the demands that is on the streets of America today. Remove the criminals from the white house and congress now or the people will revolt. There are 350 million American Citizens awaiting justice.


  2. Bam! Malia, thank you for enlightening the masses on shredding. They probably had the incriminating data right away, but have to put the documents back together like a puzzle, to present to the court.

    Shredding is worthless if people can retrieve your shards due to the scanner technology. Hackers have had it for the last 5-10 years. Burn any paper with important data.

    45’s hit man attorney looks dumber every day. Never seen such an incompetent bunch of business people at such a high level. To quote John Travolta as a loan shark in “Get Shorty” “You’re so dumb, it’s amazing you’re still alive.”


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