Donald Trump is Racist, and Promotes Racism in America

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The 1988 victory of George Bush signaled the racism that permeated America.  The election of Donald Trump is evidence that thirty years later, racism in America is as much a problem as ever.

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Trump’s history of racism is without dispute!  I have written about it on multiple occasions.

Roseanne Barr is the star of the television sitcom that was originally broadcast by ABC from 1988 to 1997 and revived for one season in 2018. Lauded for its realistic portrayal of a working-class American family, the series stars Roseanne Barr, and revolves around the Conners, an Illinois working-class family. The series reached No. 1 in the Nielsen ratings, becoming the most watched television show in the United States from 1989 to 1990.

Last May, ABC announced that it had greenlit a revived, 10th seasonof Roseanne as a mid-season replacement in 2018, with the original cast returning.  It premiered on March 27, 2018, to an initial audience of 18.44 million, which grew to 27.26 million total viewers following 7 days of delayed viewing. On March 30, 2018, following the success of its premiere, Roseanne was renewed for an eleventh season of 13 episodes.

ABC reversed the renewal and canceled Roseanne on May 29, 2018, just two days later.  Barr made racist comments on Twitter regarding Valerie Jarrett, that were described by the network’s president as being “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values”.

It was never a secret that Roseanne was a supporter of Donald Trump.

Roseanna tweeted that we would be so lucky if Trump won.  Trump tweeted a
“thank you” to Roseanne indicating he “very much appreciated” her support.


View image on TwitterNow  Barr went too far, feeling empowered by Trump.  This she targeted former Obama Administration official, Valerie Jarrett.

In a now-deleted tweet, Barr said Jarrett looked as if the “Muslim Brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.”

Until now, ABC had overlooked Barr’s long history of racist and anti-Semitic behavior. Her tweet regarding Jarrett was not even the first time that Barr compared a black woman to an “ape.” Back in 2013, she also compared former National Security Advisor Susan Rice to an ape.  Through it all, ABC had not publicly addressed Barr’s behavior. The actress tweeted earlier this month that she had the support of the network, and that it had neither censored nor silenced her. No one from ABC has yet commented on why the series was rebooted in the first place, given Barr’s history

At the outset it is important to note that Barr would never have made that remark if she had not felt supported by the President of the United States.  Trump’s silence regarding the tweet was evidence of his endorsement of the tweet.  However Trump has now tweeted a reaction to Barr’s offensive remarks.  Not surprisingly, Trump said NOTHING negative about Barr or her outrageous tweet.  Instead Trump criticized Bob Iger of ABC for never apologizing to him.

For Barr to publically make such an outrageous remark indicated a feeling that such blatant racism would be tolerated.  For Trump to address the rant without commenting on the racism is evidence that her remark is not only tolerated, but endorsed.  Remember when Trump said:

Consider the repeated allegations against Obama that have been shown to be nothing more than lies of Donald Trump.  He totally fabricated the birther controversy, the wiretapping controversy, and more recently the “spy-gate”.

Trump is not the reason we have racism in America, but he is the reason Americans feel embolden to make their racist attitudes known.

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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Racist, and Promotes Racism in America

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  1. Yes – Trump is racist – and it is only one facet of his ugliness.

    I still cannot figure out why Barr attacked Jarrett. Made no sense at all. Barr has become more difficult to take over the years. I occasionally watched her old show. I really liked some of the characters on it. I have not watched any of the new episodes as I felt really uncomfortable about what has come out about her over the years. She certainly has felt emboldened.


  2. This will not get resolved until the FCC stops the propaganda network and fake news channels. Until law enforcement tracks down and stops the hate organizations that are fueling it will not end. Schools must include mandatory class on manners, kindness, and appreciation of all nationalities on first day of school. Adults must be the example. This outrageous behavior of some adults must end now. There is no decency, respect, manners being promoted by some adults. And guns? well that fuels the fire. NRA is fueling the fire. Iceland is a gun loving country and they have offered to help using their program. It is a sound program. It is time for all agencies, organizations, businesses, schools, religions, law enforcement, actors, athletes, famous, unfamous people to Step it up and behave like gentleman and ladies and respect all people. Our children are the future teach them to behave and respect. They are not born hating they are taught from the adults.


  3. LAFF TV has cancelled all reruns of her show. They ran multiple episodes daily.

    Will she take advantage of her free time to get help for her obesity, incest, and ignorance?


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