Judge Palin Appointed Hasn’t Recused Himself in Palin Case

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The attorney for Track Palin has asked a judge to bar the media from his upcoming trial for assaulting Todd at his father’s house last December.  According to WCCO, Track Palin, the oldest son of …Sarah…is scheduled to be in Court today for a hearing on the assault charges.

The motion to ban the media was filed by Palin’s attorney, Patrick Bergt, on Friday on the grounds that the media attention could become a distraction to other veterans in the court system.  What kind of a joke is that?  A distraction to other people in Court!!!!!???

Anchorage District Court Judge David Wallace has already denied media requests to cover pre-trial proceedings earlier this week, citing an administrative rule that requires media requests to be submitted at least 24 hours ahead of time.  Judge Wallace was appointed to the bench by Sarah Palin.  Wallace has not recused himself from the case.  It wouldn’t be the first time that someone associated with Palin has done something unethical.



10 thoughts on “Judge Palin Appointed Hasn’t Recused Himself in Palin Case

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  1. The Judge should be benched and disbarred. I’m quite sure complaints have been filed. Sarah palin like her dream guy Donald john trump are un convicted criminals as of to date. Both will meet their fate in the justice system.


  2. Yeah like trump said they come with stars in their eyes and leave destroyed and in shame. And all due to trump the chump. Only morons stand with trump. Glad the shitshow is canceled.


  3. He doesn’t need to. This isn’t a true criminal case. He isn’t an immoral person and in his normal mind, he wouldn’t be there.

    I, on behalf of the good readers here, request YOU stop slandering, attacking, and propagandizing people whom you do not know. Especially considering he was normal as the earth is round prior to a few years ago and especially prior to 08 media abuse, that McCain fervently defended all of the Palins against. You nor I have no idea what it’s like to hear lies and shit about your family constantly by unhinged liberals and media psychos.This one in particular was a good student, gifted athlete who earned a spot on a AAA team senior year, and is protected from media because attention makes him angry. He like siblings is not an addict or a bad person. They all work hard. They take from no one. THREE years ago, he was called the best father.


    1. I can’t even begin to count all the lies you’ve typed. Get a fucking life, you loser. Track is a thug and always has been. Fact. His issues have nothing to do with 2008 and the media and everything to do with his pisspoor mother and stepfather. They made excuses for him his whole life, lying about his father the whole time. They created this and all their other loser offspring. You do not speak for the readers here.


    2. Well documented criminal behavior dated back to teenager. He needed parents then instead of corruption and liars to guide him.


  4. How many veterans who are African American or Native American or Hispanic of Latino get to opt for veterans’ court a first time let alone a second time? Track Palin thumbed his nose (figuratively) at the veterans’ court the first time and failed to cooperate. Why should he be allowed to do the same thing a second time? At what point is the justice system that’s presumably good enough for the rest of the population going to be good enough for the Palins? And why isn’t the Alaskan media all over this preferential treatment for a nobody like Track Palin?


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