Either Melania is Sick of the Donald, or … Just Sick

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Last week I reported on the medical procedure Melania underwent, suggesting the possibility that she in fact was suffering from kidney cancer.  There were several indications that the procedure was NOT routine, and that it was perhaps much more serious than represented.

Melania left the hospital and returned home May 19.  Since that time she has not appeared a single time in public.  That is an “unusually long absence” for even the most private presidential spouses.

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Today, it is reported that Melania has changed the location of her personal twitter account to New York. The official first lady of the United States Twitter accountremained unchanged.

Obviously something has changed.  Melania stayed at Trump Tower in the period between January 20 and June 10 of last year.  Her protection reportedly cost taxpayers about $146,000 per day — a cost that would presumably now need to go back into effect if the rumor proves accurate.

Given the multiple allegations of affairs and improprieties of the Donald, it would not be surprising that Melania would choose to live far away from him.  If she is sick, it would not be surprising that she would prefer to be treated by her doctors in New York and be around her friends there.  If Melania is sick, my condolences go to her.  If she is simply sick of the Donald, my condolences go to her too.  I’m not sure which is worse, dying of cancer, …or living with Donald Trump?

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11 thoughts on “Either Melania is Sick of the Donald, or … Just Sick

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  1. Hey I can attest to that! dying of cancer and Donald trump are the same. Donald trump causes cancer. He is a toxic nasty swamp bacteria that causes inflammation within the human body. Hopefully poison chemo can cure it. May Melania survive the Donald and go on to be best along with her son.


      1. America will be so much better once he is gone along with his lying staff. Healing will begin immediately. Take Care of yourself Malia. Thank you for your articles and site.


      2. USA,
        Just when I think I’ll close the blog, Trump does something else that tells me we just can’t let this go without comment. Thanks for your support!


  2. 2 articles worth reading The explaymate and the latin American political operative in the Washington Post and TMZ goes MAGA: How Havey Levins gossip empire became Trumps best friend.


  3. Hello Malia! Hope all is well with you. I have been quite busy working around the house as of late, and have missed out on some of the latest happenings concerning Dolt-45. However, this story piqued my curiosity, as I believe there may be another possibility here. The narrative given by her spokesperson is a cover; most procedures are day surgery, and, barring any unforeseen complications, the patient is usually discharged to convalesce at home.

    I believe that she may have had a psychological breakdown, after all of the humiliation and shame that narcissistic bastard has put her through, whether publicly, or privately. Whenever she appears with him in public, she is devoid of any emotion; stone-faced is an apt description. However, the only time that I have ever seen her express any real emotion, was at Mrs. Bush’s funeral.

    She was seated with the former Presidents and First Ladies, and sat beside President Obama. She looked liked she felt very comfortable in their presence; it was one of the few times that I have ever seen her with a genuine smile. I’m sure that they must have regaled her with many colourful anecdotes of his behaviour; you can sure as hell bet that must have chapped fatso’s arse!!


  4. Why would the third wife retreat to NYC and leave her son behind? She knows that her husband could care less about him. And where are her parents? Are they still ensconced in the White House?


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