Bristol and Sarah Palin are Textbook Failures as Mothers

Nobody is a perfect parent.  We all make mistakes.  However most parents haven’t made careers off of their children.  From the outset it was clear that Sarah Palin was more than willing to use her children for political benefit.  Who could forget her at the Republican Convention parading Trig around as an advertisement for her anti-choice position.  Certainly Trig’s face in this picture tells us how much he was enjoying being the center of attention during the Convention.

Image result for sarah palin trig 2008 republican convention

Sarah quit her job as Governor so she could make a television show about her family.  Her children and grandchildren were front and center.

In her books, Sarah wrote extensively about her children, disclosing what most of us would consider private and confidential information.  It was Sarah’s book “America by Heart” that illustrated the total fraud that has come to define Sarah Palin.

Image result for going rogueImage result for america by heart

Image result for bristol palin magazine

Bristol joined in the game of using her children for media coverage.  Magazines were glad to write stories about the premarital sex and children born out of wedlock of Bristol Palin.


Image result for bristol palin magazineRelated imageImage result for bristol palin magazine

Bristol was glad to let Candies foundation use her to advertise the importance of abstinence, by giving her as an example of the tragedy of a child born out of wedlock.

Bristol has always been glad to have her family, children, and husband featured in magazines.

Bristol has always been happy to have Trip featured in television shows, and admit that she is “doing a horrible job.”

She danced with the stars, abandoning Tripp while making the show.  She has moved to Arizona, and back to Alaska.

Image result for bristol palin arizona

She moved to LA and back to Alaska.

Image result for bristol palin massey

She moved to Kentucky, and then back to Alaska.

Image result for bristol palin kentucky dakota

She then moved to Austin.

She was engaged and not engaged to Trig’s father.

Image result for bristol palin levi

With Dakota she was engaged, … not engaged, … engaged, … married, … filed for divorce, and …now back together with Dakota.

Probably the single most important criterion for an emotionally well rounded child is a stable household.

Children thrive in stable and nurturing environments where they have a routine and know what to expect. ”  The five areas of instability in a child’s life are:  family income, parental employment, family structure, housing and the out-of-home contexts of school and child care.

Tripp is a text-book example of a child who has had the total opposite of a stable environment.  Consider the many custody disputes that Bristol and Levi have had.  He has four 1/2 sisters, but probably still wonders who the parents might be.

Image result for tripp palin sailorImage result for tripp palin levi sisters

Imagine when he gets together with his cousins…he must be so confused.

Image result for jordon lowe baby track palin

Image result for track daughter palin

In addition to the instability that has defined his life, remember that Tripp shares his name with Todd’s prostitute.

Image result for todd palin tripp national

15 thoughts on “Bristol and Sarah Palin are Textbook Failures as Mothers

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  1. Wow its a perfectly normal trump voting Christian family according to sarah. No mental illness at all. No dysfunction at all.


  2. If you haven’t seen MOH’s instagram of Bristol celebrating her real estate license, Malia, it’s a keeper! That “jaw alignment” chin in shadows. OMG. I should not laugh, but I hoot! No more shadow pics please. Giggling.

    I guess I never understood how people come to believe that they’re that all-fired important when I don’t see one redeeming value. “Look at me! LOOK. AT. ME.” I just go about my business, as do you., and consider them pathetic.


    1. I have paid for real estate services and I put them in the category as car salesman and tax preparers aka the leeches of society. It is a service many people need at some point in their life. It is fitting that a palin would become a glorified leech. What broker and company will she stump for? Hannity’s? Trump?


  3. So now you’re penning all lies. I’ve liked your legitimate political posts but this makes you a horrible person, a liar, and an abuser, Malia.



    1. we deserve better,
      Stating the truth doesn’t make me a liar. You may disagree with me conclusion but consider how many places Bristol has dragged Tripp, and it’s hard to understand how you could say that this is a lie.


    2. Idiot,
      Every single example in the article occurred in the public eye. How is that a lie?

      P.S. Kudos on stepping up your screen name efforts, but your writing style gives you away, Alicia.


  4. This family lives a true textbook life in a more modern way. Who needs old style books?

    According to chapter one sentence 13 in the August issue of hustler magazine they have lived out thier destiny. “ she lured her future son in law into the bedroom to show him the gun under the bed. He surprised her as he showed her his fully loaded weapon”

    These words set the destiny of this family. They read from the magazine daily or look at the centerfolds at least.

    The fruit of thier wombs has set the next generation on the pace of rabbit level procreation.


  5. You put so much effort into your articles – always impressive.

    I really wish someday we could find out where Tripp came from. Who are the real parents – we know it is not Sarah – possibly Todd – maybe it is a secret that will stay hidden.


  6. So you’re saying stable, well-rounded and hardworking people who have good morals and judgment are failures?

    What would you call an elderly, wealthy bitter woman in Dallas who dedicates her life to victimizing strangers?


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