Trump Demands FBI/DOJ Investigation Into Obama’s Killing of Elvis

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In an early morning tweet, Donald Trump declared “NO MOOR” (sic).  Lots of people think they have seen Elvis.  Others think that they know how to spell “more”.

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Elvis has been spotted in the Movie Home Alone, in Vicksburg, Michigan, at the Burger King in Kalamazoo, in Graceland, and perhaps most importantly for Donald Trump, in RUSSIA!!!

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For years Trump has seen evidence that Elvis is alive.  He saw him at the inauguration, and even in the White House with some other friends.

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Trump explained in his early morning tweet that a lot of people are saying that Obama inserted a spy who followed Elvis and killed him.

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Elivs’s grandson has come forward to accuse Obama of the murder of his father.

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Trump has tweeted this morning that we will never make America great again unless we find the truth about the murder of Elvis.  Until Obama is behind bars, Elvis can’t come home from Russia.  That’s the real reason for Trump’s involvement with the Russians.  He has spent years trying to be a friend to Elvis.

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David Dennison, who had a NDA with Stormy Daniels, was really Elvis. John Miller has declared under oath that the sightings in America of Elvis were not truthful hyperbole, but real.  However Trump has recently been unable to locate Elvis, in America or Russia.  He indicates that a lot of people are saying that Obama took him out before he left office.  Trump has asked the DOJ and the FBI to instruct the Inspector General to look into the allegations that it was Obama’s syp that took Elivs out.  It is a cover-up for the ages, since many people thought Elvis was already dead.

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Even Sheriff Joe, the sheriff who Trump pardoned, knows Elvis was alive until recently.

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Most people think that Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe because he violated that Constitutional rights of Hispanic people in Arizona, which Trump thought was a good idea.  However the truth is that Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe because he was conducting an independent investigation into the murder of Elvis by Barack Obama.  The most troubling part of the murder is that until his death, Elvis thought Obama was his friend.

It’s always your friends who stab you in the back!

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9 thoughts on “Trump Demands FBI/DOJ Investigation Into Obama’s Killing of Elvis

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  1. Cut the tRUMP crap. Face it he is a professional con artist. A liar.

    The FEC is the peoples TAXPAYER PAID agency along with the TAXPAYER PAID servants of the FBI, CIA, and ALL Law Enforcers in America. They are designed to secure and protect ALL usa citizens. There are dangerous and bad employees in all agencies. WE THE PEOPLE witnessed the BAD employees within agencies during the campaigns. It was easy. They stood on stage with Donald John Trump. Each of them were aware of Donald John Trump crimes. Each of them must be charged with TREASON and ESPIONAGE. They approved of his crimes.
    Agencies, Media, Candidates, Supporters, Senators, Lawyers, Etc. that enabled Donald John Trump to rig an election and carry out the crime of TREASON and ESPIONAGE must be and will be charge with obstruction, treason and espionage.
    Taxpayers of America DEMAND those involved of this outrageous crime be charged and convicted today. There is NO excuse.


  2. Another off topic…poor Zimmerman, remember George Zimmerman? The gun nut job that got away with murder told the Courts that he is in debt for 2.5 million, gee that’s too bad.


  3. Correction: Candies is NOT about abstinence. Bristol and other famous people discussed how good birth control is though Bristol said she was never on it in HS, and in reality she didn’t need it as she’s not irresponsible.

    It’s not hard to find truth in the sea of media lies. There are so many lies out there from people who don’t know Bristol or are mentally ill and jealous of her (the girl who is all but estranged from her brother when she tried to ruin his marriage.)

    I am over these heavily manipulative posts, Malia. There are no facts. You’re piecing things together and creating lies. You aren’t changing people’s lives or truths. You aren’t changing the fact that Sarah has all independent children, all have never taken handouts, all who work. Many understand that the ONLY Reason Bristol took the good opportunities she was offered (she turned down a lot including the Bachelorette 4 times) because her son deserves a good start in his adult life and a college fund. She’s been overly slandered by strangers and jealous people. She DEFINITELY deserves EVERYTHING she’s worked for. She’s never been an abstinence ambassador. She has NEVER EVER told a soul “do not have sex….” She grew up Christian, working in a church nursery from an early age and was often at church after sports or whatever. This is fact.

    Let it go. Stop abusing people. Stop manipulating.Admit people are humble and authentic when they are. There isn’t one person who KNOWS Sarah who wouldn’t call her a good mom who cases deeply. She always attended games unless there was a pressing event, she cries like a sentimental mom when each kid got their license, and pilot license. There are thousands more examples like this.

    A bad parent is one who pretends parenthood is perfect and amazing all the time and only has kids who smile. Kids who only smile and have no other emotion including negative ones are spoiled asshats. There are a number of social media accounts like that. Which is why the authenticity and good parenting of the Palins is respected.

    You will never change reality with your lies, Malia. But you are ensuring that the people you victimize look like heroes in their kids and grandkids eyes.

    It’s time liberals grew morality for once. Even McCain had to defend Sarah in his new book.


  4. Dear Trump, you could learn a lot from Bristol, someone who’s, what, 1/3 your age. She’s the hardest worker in the world, she’s successful, she gives and doesn’t take, she’s responsible, she’s stable, and she does it all with kids by her side raising them.


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