Stephen Colbert Reports on Bill Gates’ Reaction to the Ignornace of Donald Trump

10 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Reports on Bill Gates’ Reaction to the Ignornace of Donald Trump

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  1. Phony liar frumpy trumpy and his bleached out yellow hair and red face looks like the real dumb Donald john trump from the nasty dirty swamp of morons and idiots. What kinda of man bleaches out his hair in cheap yellow Ivanka hair bleach at 72 yrs old? It looks like cheap shit straw.


  2. Willow is pretty ignorant too. Didn’t she incite the family brawl? Didn’t she spend the last decade glued to Instagram with her purple hair? Didn’t she have sex in the Target parking lot in exchange for drugs for her mom?


      1. I heard about those lies. It’s one of the reasons she has disdain for many people. Poor family. But they’re such good people who rise above those who slander. SO proud of Bristol for making sure her son is raised Palin so doesn’t become Sadie or Levi.


      2. To “Willow”, Did you know that people like you who lie are proving that the people you slander are above you even without them acting like it?

        Seek help.


  3. Makes ya wonder about trump not knowing the difference between HPV and HIV. Hope trump did not spread his nasty diseases to others.


  4. Another off topic…why on earth did DWTS ask Tonya Harding to dance this season? and then cuddle her and praise her? She is a lying bully. What an insult to have that washed up drunk liar on the show. Nancy Kerrigan was so much better and deserving.


  5. 45 is trying to blame his weight problem on a defective trans vaginal mesh and his improperly installed IUD.

    Gates must have felt like he was interacting with a defective audio processor running Windows 98.


  6. Raising your kids to be selfish hateful narcissist does not rise above the truth in character. Actions speak louder than words. 20 yrs of facts and truth speak volumes. All documented in Court filings, books, witnesses. Trump and his swamp bottom feeders cannot hide reality.


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