Trump Fails Melania Again and Again

Arterial embolization is used as palliative treatment for people who are not well enough to have surgery. It is rarely used before surgery because of advances in surgical procedures.

Arterial embolization is usually an outpatient procedure. “You go in, you have it done, you lie in bed for a while to keep the blood vessel from bleeding and then you go home.”

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Notable with the news about Mrs. Trump is the secrecy surrounding it. The White House chose not to announce the news at Monday’s press briefing just hours before the first lady’s office released a public statement.  That statement was issued after the procedure and at a time when the announcement COULD have confirmed that the tumor was benign.


4 thoughts on “Trump Fails Melania Again and Again

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  1. Jesus has saved his supporters. And of all of life, only his supporters are chosen and saved.

    All of everything else is therefore an invalid fake news lie because they are all going to hell because they refuse to accept jesus as their savior.

    Same story, different day. Yawn.


  2. Poorest role model ever for husbands and fathers. If Melania has a terminal illness, can we get her a real husband?

    It’s time to put 45 in a stroller with phone and cup holders and a tray for his happy meals. Quit treating this spoiled three year old like an adult.


  3. It’s my understanding that when Melania finally left the hospital, she went to her parents’ home in Maryland, not the WH.


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