John Oliver on Michael Cohen Wearing a Jacket of a Leprechaun Used Car Salesman

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5 thoughts on “John Oliver on Michael Cohen Wearing a Jacket of a Leprechaun Used Car Salesman

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  1. Old ugly lying dotard frumpy trumpy says “stop” the investigation. The moron idiot does not understand that it will never “stop” because the American people will never accept a rigged election by a criminal blog of swamp sewer turds. He could retire like his buddy Nixon but the criminal investigation filed against him and his mob will not “stop” He could continue to illegally occupy the peoples house but it will only get worst and will not “stop”. Trump has so many lawsuits filed against him it will never end. He will wish that he never tried to pull this crime off very soon.


      1. Even if he resigns he may still be imprisoned due to the many outside lawsuits filed or about to be filed. The guy is in a huge legal mess and he has finally met his demise and end. I believe he knew his fate years ago and decided this was his only hope to pay his debts. He owes so much money to china, Russia, Mideast etc. He must lose all his benefits, protections and salary. His name must be removed from history. A liar, cheat and rigger is not a USA President. He better hope the “witches” don’t cast spells on him. @@


  2. Bristol has such a big heart. It hurts her to know her son’s father is a liar in an awful way. He is so badly raised he doesn’t understand how abusive he became, how badly sociopathic liberals ruined him. I feel for him because it’s illiterate and ignorant overall.

    Kids are naturally smart and observant. Bristol’s son candidly tells her all the time “she’s the best mom anyone could ever have.” And nothing is truer.

    ALL Sarah’s kids are remarkable and have survived so much in a decade. Good foundations, did well in school, not addicts, kind hearts.


    1. lilgomez
      I guess your definition of “remarkable” is a group of kids that had four children conceived out of wedlock, drug abusers, none who have a college degree, and some who have served time in jail for abusing women. Great kids?


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