Trump is the Criminal in Chief

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How many times and in how many ways are the American people tolerating the President of the United States breaking the law?  He has done it so often that it seems to no longer be news.  Even before the election we knew that he had been sued more than 4,500 times for his business practices, his extensive bilking of small businesses, his deliberate tax evasions, and his on-camera boasts of sexual assaults.  For his whole life, Trump has cheated workers, shortchanges small business owners and ripped off investors.Trump boasts of sexually assaulting women.  He used illegal immigrants and the mob to build Trump Tower.  He’s been caught illegally refusing to pay sales tax.  He has committed federal income tax fraud.  He has claimed 916 Million Dollars in tax losses, but failed to pay his bills.  He stole money from students enrolling in Trump University.  Trump payed off prosecutors through political donations.  For example the office of the Texas AG determined that Trump had no defense to civil fraud charges,  but that same AG failed to pursue the claim after Trump made a $35,000 donation to the AG’s campaign.  He did the same thing in Florida where Attorney General Pam Bondi declined to take action against Trump for using his foundation to make inappropriate gifts.  Ms. Bondi didn’t seem to care that the foundation was making illegal donations after the foundation made an illegal donation of $25,000 to her campaign.  I guess she forgot that tax-exempt charities aren’t allowed to contribute to political campaigns. “At least nine times, Trump made illegal use of Trump Foundation money including paying personal debts, legal obligations and buying two paintings of himself; he also illegally solicited money (he recently stopped) and did not provide audited financial statements as required by state law.”

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Trump has now committed yet another violation of the law.  Trump has now admitted repaying Michael Cohen more than $100,000 for the Stormy Daniels hush money on his new financial disclosure form .David Apol, the acting director of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), is disputing Trump’s assertion that he wasn’t required to report the debt.  Apol has sent along the matter for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to look into.  Apol wrote that an outside group requested he investigate whether Trump was legally required to report his debt to Cohen on last year’s financial disclosure form (which Trump did not do). Apol concluded that, yes, Trump was legally required to report it.

Walter Shaub — Apol’s predecessor at the Office of Government Ethics, who resigned last year after clashes with Trump officials and has frequently criticized Trump.  He described Trump’s failure to report the debt as “tantamount to a criminal referral,” and reported that Trump had potentially committed a crime.

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics referred President Donald Trump’s financial disclosures to the Department of Justice after determining that he should have disclosed his reimbursement for a $130,000 payment to keep Stormy Daniels quiet.


Trump’s latest disclosure form, which the office released on Wednesday, reflected that he reimbursed the amount in 2017 to his lawyer Michael Cohen, who arranged the nondisclosure agreement with Daniels.  But Trump was required to note the transaction as a liability the prior year and failed to do so.  Apol in a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein explained that the forms were being referred after the nonprofit legal watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) requested in a complaint that the agencies investigate whether the payment should have been reported.

“We now have to wonder how many other liabilities for similar payments he has that he still has not disclosed because he has not been publicly called out on them.”

“If the [Justice] Department is not already investigating the president’s failure to disclose the loan last year, it should open an investigation immediately.”

Trump claimed he was unaware of Cohen’s payment to Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, until his new lawyer Rudy Giuliani revealed earlier this month that the president had reimbursed Cohen.

The Commander in Chief should be held to a higher standard than the average American with regard to compliance with the laws.  Trump seems to have violated the law…repeatedly…with impunity.  This is not about conservatives vs. liberal, or Republicans vs. Democrats.  This is about right and wrong; good and bad; legal and criminal!

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  1. Trump is not above the law and Constitution of the United States of America. He must be removed and charged today. This cannot continue and he cannot be allowed to make decisions for this country. He is a fraud. Period. I don’t understand how or why he is still sitting and acting as Our President. He never will be a legit USA president. The FEC, RNC, GOP must be held liable and accountable for this criminal committing crimes against americans. This is a disgraceful mess. The failure of our elected servants to remove trump and BAN assault rifles have caused another school shooting. Students killed!!!


  2. Why Is Meghan Markle Called "Biracial" Every 2 Seconds? Why Is She Not Also Called "Has 2 Eyes", or "Breathes Through Her Nostrils"? Such Bullshit. says:

    His supporters – ALL OF THEM – are TRASH.


  3. So everyone is asking where is Melania? Bloggers are commenting. Did trump beat her up? Did he give her HIV or HPV? Does she have kidney cancer and receiving treatments? Did a breast implant rupture? Did she have a mental breakdown? Does her parents approve of trump? Is he threatening her and her parents with deportation? The lack of trump visiting her and uncaring attitude is alarming. Something odd going on with that nasty dirty filthy lying soon to be impeached pos.


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