Sarah Palin was Obama’s “Imbedded Informant”

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Everyone knows that Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President.  Palin had spent the last 8 years saying horrible things about President Obama.  Thus she would be an ideal “imbedded informant” that Obama might have placed to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign.  Nobody would suspect.  Nobody would believe that Palin was really working for Obama.  Trump promised that there would be a place in his cabinet for Palin.

Some speculate that Palin was mad that Trump didn’t follow through with his promise to appoint her during the campaign, or after his election.  Some speculate that Palin turned on Trump when he turned on John McCain.

Donald Tump has accused Barack Obama and the FBI of using an “imbedded (sic) informant” to spy on his presidential campaign.  Trump made the claim, without any supporting evidence, following an earlier tweet branding the special counsel investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, “the greatest witch hunt in American history”.

“Wow, word seems to be coming out that the Obama FBI “SPIED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITH AN IMBEDDED INFORMANT,” Mr Trump wrote.

It’s like Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped him.  He did not then, and has never, never, NEVER, produced a shred of evidence that he was ever wiretapped… by anyone.  Trump is the consummate creator of fake news.  Anything he says should be considered “fake news” unless and until he produces evidence that something he said is true.  We have documented 3001 lies he has told since inaugurated, so why does his recent claim about an Obama spy surprise anyone?  If Trump can say that Obama spied on him,

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I can say that it was Sarah Palin.

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  1. When you live the lying life of trump you become paranoid and nuts. When you have cheated everyone you know and don’t know you become paranoid. Trump is an animal that raped a 13 yr old girl, It is a documented case filed in California and NY. It is one of many of trumps lawsuits. He is a liar, animal, cheat, nasty person.


  2. One thing I must remark about Palin is, she NEVER criticized Obama as a PERSON. She complimented his family and said “leave his kids alone.”

    Of course, we’ve seen his kids trashed on the dark net because that is what lowlives do, call 15 yr olds slutty. When in reality, I cannot think of one politico’s kid who is without morals.


    1. Lilgomez, I think you are living on an alternate planet. Palin went after all of the Obamas. She was particularly nasty just after presidential candidate-Obama asked the media to leave “the kids,” all the kids alone.


  3. When will Mueller investigate the palins? Just from what is already known about the palins and her and trump meetings is enough to connect dots to corruption. Todd and his military prostitution ring. Yep it all goes together.


  4. Gee I remember ms palin calling President Obama many names and saying many negative things about him and his family. How soon we forget about how hateful the nasty tea bags are/were…


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