Will Palin Go To McCain’s Funeral?

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John McCain has brain cancer. Last December he was reported to be “increasingly frail.”  As he continues to battle his glioblastoma, he has become quieter during recent GOP meetings, CNN.

After the Arizona Republican publicly announced his brain cancer diagnosis in July, he’s since undergone various treatments, including both chemotherapy and radiation. On Wednesday, his treatments landed him in the hospital, “for normal side effects of his ongoing cancer therapy,” according to a statement from his office.

As McCain’s time on earth seems to be more limited, McCain has become focused on his funeral.  McCain made news when he indicated that he did NOT want President Trump to attend his funeral.  Of course Obama was welcome.

As McCain is putting his affairs in order, he has finally admitted that his choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate was a mistake.

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His admission of his mistake is something we have known since the fall of ’07.  However it seems that Palin has remained oblivious to the pain she has caused McCain.  Given McCain’s perception of Trump, and his remorse about Palin, it seems obvious that he must feel responsible, in some way, for the election of Trump, who Palin endorsed.

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Now the question is whether Palin will attend the funeral of McCain.  It is uncontroverted that Palin is a fan of Trump.

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It is undisputed that Trump said bad things about McCain.

John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, said that Palin brought  “drama, stress, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty” to the losing campaign.  I wonder if Palin will be invited to the funeral?

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UPDATE 8-29-18*********************************************************************

The answer is “no”, and the reason is she wasn’t invited!

John will rest in peace.


11 thoughts on “Will Palin Go To McCain’s Funeral?

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  1. I certainly hope she is not invited – why would she be? I do not think the McCain women would want her there.
    McCain has – at the very least – admitted his mistake in selecting her. For some reason – perhaps because he seems fond of her – he will not take that last step and acknowledge all of the damage she has done.


  2. The world should be aware of why palin was pushed by one of mccains campaign advisers with connections to Russia. McCain was said to be bribed, extorted and threatened. Palin and trump are not only the shit stain on the American flag, they are the evil sewer that is over flowing now out of their nasty dirty lying mouths. The same evil that lurks today is the same that bred palin in 07.


  3. Agreeing with Pat and 4peace, Malia, remember that $arah is a calculating bitch. Someone had to say it; might as well be me. She’s not going to say one word about McCain because he was her ticket to infamy. She can take her x-tian values and stuff ’em.

    She’s too lazy to ever attempt a comeback, and she will be humiliated if she ever attempts it. As long as she is still invited to speaking engagements, on others’ dime, mind you, she feels important. Cest la vie. I hope to GOD that when McCain dies, she doesn’t make it about her because it’s ALWAYS about her. The fact is that she was pretty until she opened her mouth. You can’t blame that on President Obama to which she still does. Even Bill Kristol now regrets his involvement.


  4. Both palin and trump have caused the increase of cancer in this country. Between their hatefulness and deregulations we are all poisoned by both of them.
    Try and keep your stress level down, eat right and stay positive everyone. This is very hard to do after 10yrs of palin and 2 yrs of trump. Both are ))))TOXIC(((((


  5. And now palin is creating word salad spin. She knows damn well McCain was herded into selecting her because he was extorted by thugs that wanted her nasty ass in the white house. She is so gross and corrupt.


  6. McCain feels guilty about how her and her family have been brutalized and slandered by media sociopaths and disgusting people like bloggers. I’ve overheard him say this at a Diamondbacks game.


  7. These comments show just how mean and vial McCain was. Remember after being released from capture, he cavorted around Florida, divorced his ‘not pretty enough’ wife and continued in his spoiled way. The way he has bashed Palin, Trump, and others, there is no need to whitewash him. Let’s just say ‘rest in peace.


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