Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Giulaini

2 thoughts on “Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Giulaini

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  1. Trumps tongue is fire. A mouth of evil for the deplorable corrupt. His words are his weapons and Americans and the World become his casualties. He has crossed a Rubicon and cannot ask for forgiveness. Trump must immediately resign so that America and the World can heal.


  2. Thinking back of corporations that have enabled the Donald trump mob, ATT/directtv. Over the last 10yrs many DISH tv subscribers were oddly denied service and channels. Then marketing of DirectTV/Att and the merged, fake news, hacking, spying into customer accounts began. Many corporations became corrupt, deceitful and distastefully evil against consumers. Communications corporations hired corrupt employees and directed harm to customers. Banks involved, pharma involved, communication corps, health insurance, security corporations such as pc matic, etc. Even Ancestry DNA, 23 and me, was used to attack and set up innocent people. This was a unorganized hateful mob type sloppy scam against humanity. All for today’s outcome of greedy trump and his enablers. Republicans own it, built it and will go down for it.


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