Jimmy Kimmel – Giuliani Implicates Trump With the Big Eye

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5 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel – Giuliani Implicates Trump With the Big Eye

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  1. I will never forgive those that aided and enabled this criminal mob of the trumps. Their destruction and conviction cannot come quick enough for America. The only thing trump has said truthfully is that “we have never seen anything like it” and hopefully never will see again in American History.


    1. 4Peace –

      After Trump was elected I was really down. And yet – kept hoping – have given up on him as I truly feel he is insane.

      I truly feel, though all of this will right itself and we will come through it ok – somehow.


      1. Pat Padrnos –

        I sincerely “Hope” that you are right ! The trump storm has never felt right in anyway. It feels like the very nasty bad part of society have surfaced and feel empowered to harm anything decent.
        I have tried to look at all angles and have questioned my own beliefs and character. I absolutely cannot accept a rigged election by crooks and liars. I cannot support corrupt paid servants that have enabled this mess.


  2. Hi Malia

    Another insane week coming up – how do I know? Because each week just gets worse than the last one.

    Giuliani – needs to shut up and go home.

    Devin Nunes has been unhinged since Trump took office and now wants to totally destroy Sessions. In addition to that – he did not read the docs he insisted on being given.

    KA Conway cannot – I repeat cannot- keep from lying.

    Sanders needs to quit her job of the the daily liar for the liar in chief. What a disgusting job she has.

    McCain regrets having Palin as his running mate – but still refuses to acknowledge the horrible damage she has done.


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