Trump “Rapes” His Doctor

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Trump took all his medical records from his 70 year-old-physician, Harold Bornstein, of 35 years in Feb. 2017.  Bornstein described the event as a “raid”.  The raid occurred two days after Bornstein reported that Trump took medicine to enhance hair growth.  Bornstein reported feelingraped, frightened and sad” when the records were confiscated.  Bornstein explained that a HIPAA release was not provided by Trump.  Under New York law, a doctor is required to maintain the original patient records for at least six years.

Bornstein has confirmed what everyone assumed, the letter he signed before the election was dictated by Trump.  Trump described himself as the “healthiest president in history” and his health was described as “astonishingly excellent.”  Bornstein justified that statement by explailning that past Presidents are either sick or dead.  He signed the letter in December 2015, so he must not have been thinking of Obama as a “past” President.

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Who could feel sorry for Harold Bornstein?  He signed the letter Trump dictated.  He knew that he was defrauding the American people when he signed that letter.  However that’s old news.  The troubling part of this controversy is that Trump, as President, has once again violated the rule of law and used his power as President in an unlawful way.  Perhaps the word “rape” is a little strong, but the idea that President Trump can, and does, use his position to impose his will to do something unlawful it outrageous.  The word “rape” is appropriate to the extent that it conveys a complete breakdown of the rules of justice.  Rape conveys a violation of personal right of privacy and a crime that leaves the victim completely helpless and violated.

The fact that Trump could have his goons, employees of the federal government, violate the law and seize the physician’s original records is astonishing!  Those records belong to the physician and the most Trump is entitled to is to get a copy, after a proper authorization is provided.  Trump seized the property of another American citizen and is suffering no consequences.  Clearly the rule of law doesn’t apply to Trump.  To make matters worse he uses tax payer funded employees to impose his will.

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  1. Let's Hope Piper Is Not Drinking Alcohol Yet - She Is Only 17. ItvWould Be Terrible If The Governor Was Buying Booze For A Minor says:

    Those certainly weren’t medical descriptions. The doc reminds me of Dr. Finch in Running With Scissors.


  2. After 35 yrs of treating trump aka david dennison, john barron, john miller? The dr. knows a lot and allowed this dirtbag to control him and commit unethical practice. Sounds like trump dictated the relationship and threatened him, extorted him, bribed him and completely harassed him. I don’t feel sorry for the dr. because he should have put a stop to it. He should be called to testify.


  3. This whole business with creepy Dr. Bornstein and our creepy president certainly raises questions which the media has either ignored or is too Trump-whipped to think of.

    First of all, why didn’t Dr. Bornstein call the police when the “raid” took place? Why wait until now to mention it?

    Secondly, what did Trump have on the good doctor that encouraged the doctor to risk his reputation by putting forth such an absurd report on a candidate’s health?

    Thirdly and most importantly, what real journalist ever mistook that Bornstein letter for anything but a Trump-written peon about himself? The words used, the grammar and syntax were pure Trump. Most of us saw through the letter immediately. It was pure Trump on the stump, amid his adoring fans who thought they’d all get rich if they voted for him.

    Anyone who had the sense to compare the report provided by Hillary Clinton’s doctor and the nonsensical Bornstein/Trump letter realized that the Bornstein piece of paper was a fraud. Clinton’s doctor provided both test results and described her state of health in substantial detail. Bornstein’s letter claimed that Trump would be the “healthiest president” ever??? Healthier than President Obama? The failure of the media to tear that fraudulent letter to shreds is proof of their collusion (yes, let’s use that word) to put Trump in the White House to the grave detriment of the country.


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