Trump Forgot Palin When He Said National Enquirer Has “Good Record of Being Right”

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The latest National Enquirer cover takes aim at President Donald Trump‘s attorney, Michael Cohen, with a front page blaring “Trump’s Fixer’s Secrets & Lies!

A source close to the president told CNN that David Pecker, who publishes the Enquirer, wouldn’t have run the story without Trump’s permission.

When CNN asked Cohen if the headline was meant to send a message, he offered a simple but telling response: “What do you think?”

Trump’s affection for the tabloid has been transparent for years.  He explained:

 ‘Why didn’t the National Enquirer get the Pulitzer Prize for [John] Edwards?‘  He was referring, of course, to the former senator from North Carolina and 2008 presidential candidate whose love child the supermarket tabloid was the first to discover.

It was just the month before that Trump said the Enquirer should have won a Pulitzer, former Playboy model Karen McDougal met with the tabloid’s top editor and recounted a 10-month affair she claimed to have had with Trump a decade earlier, according to a lawsuit McDougal filed against American Media in March.

The funny thing is that Trump’s endorsement of the National Enquirer stories lends credibility to the report that Todd Palin was Shailey Tripp’s pimp.

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It makes us believe that Sarah was unfaithful to Todd.

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To this day,Todd Palin has never denied the accusations of Shailey Tripp.


6 thoughts on “Trump Forgot Palin When He Said National Enquirer Has “Good Record of Being Right”

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  1. Malia — I think only the alternate universe of DJT is what counts as “reality” for him because in that bubble, he controls people.
    TheEnquirer is in that bubble because he and Pecker can pump out “news” that suits 45.

    He could care less about the truth: it’s keeping other people under his thumb that counts.
    However this most recent ploy of his to keep Cohen in line could backfire. Cohen could be so bullshit at Drumpf for throwing him under the bus that MC reaches the end of his loyalty and decides to strike back in a “What do I have to lose?” moment. Wouldn’t that be delicious?


  2. Have they mentioned if trump had an std test since banging Daniels w/o a condom while married? Or that other woman he banged w/o a condom while married? Or that other….


  3. Another issue to investigate is that congressmen are camping out in their office at night. This is wrong, illegal, unethical, and unsanitary. And what happens after hours? Dr. Jackson roaming the halls passing out meds? These clowns are not declaring this gift on IRS taxes. They are receiving free rent, electric, tv, internet, etc. I call BS. They vote on issues for the average American while raping the system to their advantage and take advantage of American Laws.


  4. Yes the Shailey Tripp story and Todd Palin should be told in “real” news because this was more than just an affair, it was military contracts and clients of Shailey that todd arranged. The story is deeper and Sarah and her lies in Alaska. She resigned because she is involved in much more.


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