Michelle Wolf Roasts Trump at Correspondents’ Dinner

This was the 2011 remarks by Seth Meyers.  Watch how Trump couldn’t even laugh then.

2 thoughts on “Michelle Wolf Roasts Trump at Correspondents’ Dinner

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  1. Oh my gosh was that funny. The best luau lately. Right on target and “TRUE” so glad she spoke for America and how we feel about a nasty lying unqualified pos occupying our life at the moment. He is a criminal that Americans demand his removal immediately.


  2. Trump’s never been told no in his life and has escaped bankrupcy by just not repaying debt. We’ve seen a minor lack of parental guidance in cases like Levi J, who for years made $$ from following sociopathic liberals and smearing his son’s family with slander while hiding a mentally ill sister. Bristol has expressed worry to a friend that the fact that Levi has never felt remorse for his lies and emotion abuse means he has so morality issues. Which would explain why her son’s big role model as a young child was her older brother, who’s a great moral light (if you erase your the brainwashing you’ve received on slander blogs.)

    The two scenarios are different, No, Levi didn’t have great parents like the Palin, whose kids all have tremendous work ethic and take no handouts.(facts don’t lie). But I believe that because Levi stopped being abusive and stopped lying, and called his wife a bitch last year on mothers day, that he does have a sense of morality.

    Trump clearly needs that instilled but it may be too late. He MAY have dementia.


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