Painchipeater Reports on a Typical Day with the Donald

I know everyone reading enjoys the comments of Painchipeater as much as I do.  Today was a treasure that had to be featured!  Thank you painchipeater!

“Today was a good day. It started out as normal. The problem was he was shouting at a tv with a phone in his hand.

It was hard to watch. He was running around and his robe fell off. So he is standing in a diaper with a shower cap on.

We call it full gas can. He acts like a guy with a gas can on his head with a cigar in his mouth screaming for a lighter.

We had to put a stop to it. We dumped 5 Big Macs on his bed with a couple of buckets of chicken to distract him. He started to druel but already had foam on his mouth.

We finally got ahold of fox on the red phone and they put an end to it.

He was so frothy that he is still shouting into a phone even though the batteries ran out three hours ago.

We brought in his new doctor Todd. He lowered his dose of cocain and increased his OxyContin and chicken grease.

Can’t wait until tomorrow”

One thought on “Painchipeater Reports on a Typical Day with the Donald

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  1. So much truth in the sarcasm. We no longer envision a professional businessman. We expect some character from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is roaming the White Houser and various hotels and resorts.

    It’s a good possibility that 45 woke up on a sugar and carb induced meltdown. You wake up after a night of fried food and cake, full of anger and confusion. Add the mental issues and 45’s frontal lobes are not closing the gate between his brain and mouth that gets him in trouble.

    And yes, can’t wait………..


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