Trump is Manic! Contradicts Himself Re Cohen Representation in Stormy Daniels Deal

Trump has lost it!  If he ever had his act together, he has totally lost his abiliity to appear anything but Manic!  He called into Fox News.  It appears he is no longer able to satisfy himself by ranting on Twitter.  Here are quotes from just the first half of the rant:

Melania’s birthday-only got her a beautiful card and beautiful flowers

She did a fantastic  job with France,

We are spellbound by the people of France,

Great President of France,

He is a wonderful guy

He and wife both terrific people

Great President of France,

We had a fantastic time,

We accomplished a lot

We really accomplished a lot,…more than anybody knows,

Obama made a horrible deal with Iran

Horrible deal,

150 billion, 1.8 billion cash given to Iran, carried out in barrells and boxes

All they did was scream “death to America”, but they don’t do that with me,

Ronnie Jackson,no longer candidate for VA,

I saw where this was going, I told them a day ago

I get along with Mike Pompeo, brillilant guy

Democrats obstructionists

It’s a disgrace,

top line people, best people in our country, going to be approved,

we have some absolute warriors,  Diamond and Silk are warriors, they are amazing, they are beautiful wonderful women, 

we have great people in the Republican party

how bad, obstructionist in the Democratic party

its a disgrace

nominees Doc Ronnie, highly respected, real leader, withdrew his name

John Tester of Montana, they love me,and I love them

he took an incredible man, incredible man,…respected by Obama gave him his highest rating, Bush, he runs a fantastic operation, I said it to him, we can talk about experience…nobody has experience,

I’m really proud of the job we’ve done at the VA, …we got rid of so many rules, so many regulations, we are really doing great at the VA,l want somebody that will be great, he would have done a great job, he has a tremendous heart,

Doc Ronnie…perfect record, beautiful unblemished record, his son is a wonderful boy goes to Annapolis, at the top of his class, one of the finest cadets…

Admiral is the type of person they respect,  

We’ll have somebody next who will be great

Former FBI Director, did great thing for American people by firing him,

Comey is a leaker and lier, and has been for years

Leaked classified information…all classified…totally classified information

Nobody found collusion

Comey leaked classified information  (host said not classified)

Totally classified information 

Phoney information in memos

He did it to get special counsel (Comey left)

Nobody’s been tougher on Russia than me

Of course I stayed in Russia overnight

They give Hillary Clinton questions to debate

Fake News CNN

nobody’s even been close to as tough on Russia as me

Comey guilty of crimes

If we had a justice department…witch hunt …I will not be involved with justice department

It’s a total…lies…horrible things,

We have accomplished more than any other president, in history, even enemies and haters, in the first year, nobody’s done what we’ve done,

very disappointed with justice department

only colussion with Democrats and Russia

They break down doors for Manafort

Reaction to Michael Cohen taking the 5th, Michael good person, I don’t know his business, doesn’t have to do with me, only one of Trump’s attorneys, only handled a tiny tiny fraction of his legal work

He represented me in this Stormy Daniels deal (minute 17)

That statement is totally contrary to what Trump himself said about Cohen NOT representing him in the Stormy Daniels matter.







11 thoughts on “Trump is Manic! Contradicts Himself Re Cohen Representation in Stormy Daniels Deal

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  1. Drumpf’s lack of lip control cost him today. Within a couple hours of claing Cohen did little work for Drumpf, that statement was being used to counter Cohen’s claims of lawyer/client privilege.

    Drumpf lied about staying overnight in Moscow and is lying again when he says Comey lied in his memos by saying Drumpf didn’t stay in Moscow. Drumpf lies forward and backwards. Isn’t that much lying a detriment to being potus?


  2. Today was a good day. It started out as normal. The problem was he was shouting at a tv with a phone in his hand.

    It was hard to watch. He was running around and his robe fell off. So he is standing in a diaper with a shower cap on.

    We call it full gas can. He acts like a guy with a gas can on his head with a cigar in his mouth screaming for a lighter.

    We had to put a stop to it. We dumped 5 Big Macs on his bed with a couple of buckets of chicken to distract him. He started to druel but already had foam on his mouth.

    We finally got ahold of fox on the red phone and they put an end to it.

    He was so frothy that he is still shouting into a phone even though the batteries ran out three hours ago.

    We brought in his new doctor Todd. He lowered his dose of cocain and increased his OxyContin and chicken grease.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow


  3. Can you imagine this guy in a deposition, under oath? If he was a pickpocket, he’d stop five minutes in, roll up his sleeve and ask if anyone needs a watch. His brain is totally fried, like KFC or a McNugget..


  4. If this were a movie I would have turned it off immediately. Sadly it is not and this is real. Never in my life have I witnessed such a terrible evil hateful person as Donald John Trump and his swamp of criminals. So many people hurt and in harms way because of him. It is difficult to retain a sense of humor today or forgiveness to those that are enabling trump. I hope that it will not be much longer before this criminal enterprise is put to a stop.


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