Haberman, Daniels, McDougal, and Kelly; Women Are Done Being Bullied by Trump

 Two White House staffers resigned after credible reports that they abused their wives.

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Ironically it was Trump who declared:

I call on all Americans to promote the safety and liberty of the women, men, and children who are subjected to violent, intimidating, or controlling behavior at the hands of those closest to them,” the proclamation read. “Each of us must be a voice for those suffering in silence and must speak up when we see signs of physical or emotional abuse. Together we can bolster victims’ support networks and encourage and empower them to report offenses.”

Ironically Donald Trump has admitted that he is a bully.  Ironically the interview was with Megyn Kelly.  Ironically, it was Trump’s advice to the people who have been bullied that they should get over it.  Trump used his personal experience to give advice to anyone being bullied.  His advice was that if someone attacks you, you simply attack back…harder…and stronger.

Imagine Trump’s surprise as he comes to the realization that women are taking his advice.  Women are NO LONGER willing to allow Donald Trump to bully them.

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Stormy Daniels is speaking up.

Karen McDougal is speaking up.

Megyn Kelly is speaking up.

Maggie Haberman of the NY Times is speaking up.

A story by Haberman and two other Times reporters on Friday examined the likelihood that the president’s attorney Michael Cohen would turn on Trump now that he is being investigated. It quoted two biographers, Nunberg and Trump’s long-time controversial informal adviser Roger Stone. (Stone was quoted as saying that Trump “goes out of his way” to treat Cohen “like garbage.” Nunberg said Cohen has “leverage” on Trump and should “maximize” it now.)

Trump, infuriated by the story, slammed Haberman by referring to her as a “third-rate- flunkie”  in vicious tweets.     Trump added the scathing “drugged up” insult about one of the sources, to which Haberman made reference.  Thus, Trump attacked the reporter and her source with personal condemnation, rather than to respond to anything reported.

Haberman commented that “It had to be Nunberg,”  because the president is too afraid of bombastic, rule-breaking, Stone to “be that direct.”

Both men have denied that Trump was referring to them. “Not a reference to me,” Stone told The Palm Beach Post. Nunberg told CNN: “I have no idea who POTUS is talking about, so I have no response.”


So who is Roger Stone,and why is Trump afraid of him?  The Washington Monthly did a full expose on him that is worth reading.  Here are just a few choice tidbits:

At age 19, Roger Stone, who was then an employee of Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP), was the youngest person to testify before the Watergate grand jury.

In 1977, Paul Manafort successfully utilized that notoriety while running Stone’s campaign for the presidency of the Young Republicans. In 1979, Stone then used the prestige of that position to get an assignment as Ronald Reagan’s campaign organizer for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. And that’s when he decided he needed to get to know Donald Trump.

But first he had to make the acquaintance of Roy Cohn.  In private practice Cohn represented prominent New Yorkers like la cosa nostra crime boss Carlo Gambino, Francis Cardinal Spellman and Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, but he was frequently at odds with the law. Over the years, he won four separate acquittals on charges varying from conspiracy, securities fraud, bribery, and obstruction of justice before finally being disbarred in 1986.

According to Trump, he first met Roy Cohn in a members-only Midtown establishment called Le Club. It was 1973, and the government was accusing the Trumps’ real estate business of discriminatory housing practices. He asked Cohn, “The government has just filed suit against our company saying that we discriminated against blacks. What do you think I should do?” Cohn advised him to “Tell them to go to hell and fight the thing in court and let them prove you discriminated.”

Perhaps it was Stone’s reputation for doing political dirty tricks during his time at CREEP working with Chuck “Tex” Colson that gave him the credentials to gain an audience with Cohn. When he arrived at Cohn’s Manhattan townhouse, Stone discovered him in his bathrobe meeting with Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno of the Genovese crime family.  After some chit-chat over bagels and cream cheese, Cohn agreed to introduce Stone to Trump.

According to Stone, at their initial meeting, Donald sent him to his father Fred in Coney Island where a deal was struck. “True to his word, I got $200,000. The checks came in $1,000 denominations, the maximum donation you could give. All of these checks were written to ‘Reagan For President.’ It was not illegal—it was bundling. Check trading.”

So, Roger Stone set out to use Donald Trump. He ran Trump’s brief campaign for the Reform Party nomination in 1999 and then led the early stages of Trump’s presidential campaign in 2015. By the campaign’s end, Stone only had a loose affiliation with the candidate. But it was one in which he served as a conduit between Julian Assange, who was holed up the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and the next president of the United States.

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  1. This is the perfect time for all women, men and children to clear the air of being bullied, raped, assaulted, harassed, threatened, abused and used. There are several different sites to tell stories and comment. But it would be helpful to organize and develop a site that connects protections, resources, lawyers to help convict and help them to move forward in life. There are so many that have been harmed. The rich and famous have help but the middle and poor do not.


  2. Interesting time for sexist men. 45’s wife flicks his advances away in public. Victims are rising out and speaking, taking legal action.
    Meanwhile, the top lawman in the country, our attorney general, remains 45’s whipping boy. There are a few sexist names that could apply to Sessions, 45’s b***h, p***y AG, 45’s ho. The country is waiting for this character from the Wizard of Oz to find his brain and grow some testicles.
    We need John Wayne, and the GOP gives us Don Knotts.


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