Toobin, an Attorney, Concludes Trump Obstructed Justice!

I agree with Mr. Toobin.  Mr. Comey’s statement that Trump asked him for his loyalty, is enough to merit the conclusion that Trump obstructed justice.

5 thoughts on “Toobin, an Attorney, Concludes Trump Obstructed Justice!

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  1. Trump and his foundation of liars have obstructed justice and committed crimes beyond my imagination. The only justice will be when all are arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole. At this point I caannot forgive the millions of voters that aided and enabled this major crime.
    On another note, I am thankful that alex jones is sued by the sandy hook parents. That guy is so evil and mean.
    I hope the scales of justice will tip towards justice for Americans this week. Most people have not been exposed to the mob. Unfortunately we have now.


  2. Getting excited – Trig turns ten when the clock strikes twelve!


    1. Yeah I was reading about Trig’s 10th birthday over at IM. Wow has time flew by. I read a comment… Again questioning where Trig came from. The fake pregnancy came up. One comment said that the “pecker” from national enquirer bought the Shailey “Tripp” story and silenced her. And that Trigg is actually Shailey and Todds love child? Could that be true? Does the time frame work out? Is that why sarah resigned? Is that why she went to trump tower? Sounds like the same trump scandals and mess.


  3. She was pregnant 10yrs ago but that was with Tripp. So this would be the first child before tripp? and so who would be the daddy? I always got the feeling it was todd and shaileys kid, and shailey was forced to give it to palins to raise.


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