One Step Closer to World Peace

Many who read this blog know of the amazing stem cell treatment I am receiving at Hadassah Hospital in Israel.  Here is a video about the study and my story.

This is the CBS news story about my treatment.

This is a recent NBC news story about Hadassah Hospital which is building bridges to world peace.

Image result for world peace

I am proud to be an advocate for Hadassah.

Image result for hadassah



6 thoughts on “One Step Closer to World Peace

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  1. Malia I have tears of joy for you. I am so thankful that your health is improving. This research is amazing and will help so many. Thank you for sharing your story and giving hope to so many. Best to you and yours always Malia.


    1. 4peace,
      Thanks so much for your kindness. I spend much of my time these days working to raise awareness and support for Hadassah. I try not to burdeon readers with this part of my life, but when I meet so many people w ishing for treatment, I feel the need to help in any way I can, and the blog reaches a lot of people.


  2. Malia, thank you for starting my week with a huge note of positive energy.

    Beautiful family! You and your husband make such a great couple. The love shines through even in a medical video.

    Such an inspiration. I wish we could move Israel someplace safe so it could concentrate on development and live without fear. You have given me a name that I can pass on to all of my friends dealing with degenerative conditions – Hadassah!

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Oh, Malia, I cannot begin to tell you the admiration that I have for you! I second 4peace and aj in their thoughts, and when you teared up, I was ahead of ya! Stem cells will never be embraced in this country thanks to Big Pharma (sigh) but I am SO happy to see this therapy working for you. Absolutely radiant spirit!

    You GO, girl!


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