Paul Ryan Can No Longer Tolerate the Party of Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan announces retirement

House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced his retirement.  Among its other consequences, Speaker Paul Ryan‘s retirement from the House increases the chance that President Donald Trump will be impeached.  The possibility that the House will not be controlled by Republicans after the 2018 election is more predictable than ever.

Ryan’s decision accelerates the ongoing competition among his deputies to become the leader of the GOP. But it will also diminish his ability to raise campaign funds and encourage more vulnerable incumbents to retire.

All of that smooths the path for Democrats to recapture the House in November and hand Nancy Pelosi the speaker’s gavel once again.

Experts predict that Ryan’s retirement increases the odds of a Democratic victory in November to 75 percent.

Ryan is among the approximately 40 House Republican declining to seek re-election — about twice the number of Democrats leaving. His departure will encourage colleagues unsure about their prospects to make the same decision.  Some feel we should thank Trump for Ryan’s decision.



7 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Can No Longer Tolerate the Party of Trump

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  1. Paul Ryan exits stage right. What a better way to celebrate Dave Letterman’s (who is a national treasure) 71st birthday today.


      1. 4 peace,
        I started watching the Netflix documentary on Trump and could only watch a little bit. It is clear that Trump has been the same mentally ill person for a long time.


  2. 45 made a joke a long time ago about destroying the GOP by running for office. Now it has come to pass. He has created situations where long term, experienced politicians are quitting rather than having to support a part6y that ignores the crimes and insanity going on in the White House.
    Anyone running as a GOP candidate in November can be assumed to approve of the following: election and utility hacking by foreign powers, “pussy grabbing,” paying off porn stars and pinups after having affairs, condemning the Justice Department and FBI, violating agreements the United States signed with other countries, charging taxpayers for weekly trips to golf resorts, and using Fox News as major WH counsel on domestic and foreign affairs. If they are running for a GOP office they will grab your genitals.


  3. I don’t think Ryan is quitting because he cannot tolerate trump. I think he’s quitting because he’s afraid 1) of not being re-elected and 2) of losing his job as Speaker of the House. Ryan is every bit as slimy as his president.


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