Trump is “Losing His Shit”… Comey’s Book Is Coming…Republican Threatens Trump!

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In response to the raid on the offices of Michael Cohen, President Trump has cancelled his trip to South America.  Trump is sending Mike Pence in his place so he can stay at the White House and watch the news.  Senior aides to Trump were hoping this trip would distract Trump from the Choen investigation and the upcoming release of Jim Comey’s book.  That will happen on April 17th.

It has now been reported that the FBI raid on Cohen was done to determine whether there was a broader pattern of tax fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and other crimes in Cohen’s private dealings, including his work for Trump and some real estate transactions that involved Russian buyers and prices that appeared to be well above market values.

The warrant sought evidence of bank fraud and campaign finance violations, which is consistent with an investigation into allegations that the Stormy Daniels payment was illegally sourced or disguised. (For example, routing a payment through a shell company to hide the fact that the money came from the Trump campaign — if that is what happened — would probably violate federal money-laundering laws.)


Trump began the day tweeting in defense of Cohen, a longtime Trump Organization associate. “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!”  A GOP operative close to the White House told POLITICO: “The all caps tweet, that’s the primal scream. That’s the war cry.”

“He’s losing his shit,” the operative added. “We’re at a different level.”

Angry and increasingly isolated, the president is more unpredictable than ever, according to four people close to him.

These people worry that Trump – who has lost several key advisers in recent months, including former staff secretary Rob Porter, personal aide Johnny McEntee, and communications director Hope Hicks — may make a snap decision to fire senior Justice Department officials who he blames for Monday’s raid on Cohen’s office and apartment of his personal lawyer.

Trump is especially frustrated with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein, a former U.S. attorney, has overseen the Mueller probe since Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself last year.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Rosenstein personally signed off on the Cohen raid. Rosenstein also played a key role in Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey, whose memoir — widely expected to be critical of Trump — is due to be released on April 17.

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Lou Dobbs, the level headed celebrity, stated:  “I would fire the SOB(referring to Mueller) in three seconds if it were me.” One of the people close to Trump said he was afraid comments like Dobbs’ could further encourage the president to remove the special council.

These recent raids and the release of Comey’s book may be too much for Trump to handle.  Comey is preparing a media blitz around the release of his book that will last more than two weeks. There will be an hourlong prime-time interview on ABC on April 15, an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on April 18, a live interview with CNN on April 19, an MSNBC interview later that day, an appearance on Fox News on April 26, and a “PBS NewsHour” interview on April 30.

His national book tour will run for more than a month, from April 18 to May 25, with stops in New York City; Chicago; Portland, Oregon; Seattle; San Francisco; Boston; Washington; Miami; Los Angeles; and Kansas City, Missouri.


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The reality is that this is an unprecedented moment in American history!

Trump evidently believes HE has the power to fire Mueller if he so chooses.


Chuck Shumer, a Republican threatened Trump that he should not DARE think about firing Mueller.  Shumer’s remarks should be heard by EVERY American.  Please pass this video on to every citizen on your contact list!


5 thoughts on “Trump is “Losing His Shit”… Comey’s Book Is Coming…Republican Threatens Trump!

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  1. Probably had his passport, security Clarence, revoked. He has a big interview ahead with Mueller and resignation to draft, he cannot dodge reality. But in all fairness, pence is a bad and not worthy to represent the USA.


  2. Chuck Shumer gave an amazing speech that destroyed the latest rants of 45. He defended the investigation, those conduction it and the legal entities involved in the raid on Cohen’s operations. We finally have leaders stepping up, demonstrating how the GOP is going to prosecute criminal activity at all levels. The Shumer GOP is not going to sit by and let anyone defame the agencies and structure of our government.


  3. The real fake news – the original fake news – is that Jesus died on the cross for anyone’s “sins”, and that said Jesus saves people from any “sins”.

    What a dangerous piece of fiction. ‘Certainty’, which the story of the savior falsely animates – as ‘Certainty’ is an ILLUSION and therefore Fake News – is NOT the law of our nature, but something a 4 year old relates to. ‘The Way’ isn’t referring to idolatry or separate salvation, but describes ‘the way’ of mans own nature within his own living self. He saves himself.

    Or, if you’re an evangelical, you’ve just gotten out if the McDrive-thru for the 4th time today and you’re waiting for trump to save you while you ultimately wait for Jesus to save you.


    1. It should be called The Certainty Fairy Tale. Instead, its an idol-run religion, whose misled followers protect with AR15’s and a 2nd amendment.


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