Previous Attorney for Trump’s Mistress May Have Colluded with Trump

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Michael Cohen is Trump’s personal attorney and the one who reportedly paid his own money to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels,the porn star ,who reports she had sex with the Donald.

Keith Davidson is the attorney who was representing Daniels at the time she signed the non-disclosure agreement that was negotiated by Cohen.

Davidson is no longer representing Daniels. Michael Avenatti is.

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Davidson has reported that Cohen gave his name to Chuck LaBella, a Trump associate, who at the time was being accused by actor Tom Arnold of having information that could damage the Trump campaign.  Thus, Trump’s attorney was referring business to Daniels’ attorney and  it was an associate of Trump’s.  If Davidson had accepted representation of La  Bella, it would clearly have been a conflict of interest.  Davidson should not represent clients that were adverse to Trump, and at the same time represent clients who were associates of Trump.

“Chuck LaBella has all the dirt,” Arnold said in October of last year, adding in a second tweet: “Chuck LaBella was there and knows all.”

Arnold’s attorney was then contacted by Davidson. LaBella told CNN the attorney reached out to stop the actor from spreading “slanderous accusations and outright lies.” LaBella also said he never hired Davidson and that Davidson reached out to Arnold’s attorney on his behalf.

“Keith Davidson has never been hired as my counsel. I have never met him. I have never paid him. I have never signed any agreement with him.”

A lawsuit filed by another Davidson client, Karen McDougal, about coziness between Davidson and Cohen.

McDougal, a former Playboy model who also says she had an affair with Trump, has filed a lawsuit against Davidson claiming he was “working closely with representatives for Mr. Trump while pretending to advocate on her behalf.”

McDougal has accused Davidson of being part of a “broad effort to silence and intimidate her and others.” 

This is the Tom Arnold story.

When Daniels was represented by Keith Davidson, he was a go-to lawyer for repping people who come to fame through scandals of various sorts. Upon reading the Daniels non-disclosure  agreement, it is clear that it is “comically adverse” to Daniels and for what in the context seemed like a relatively small sum of money.

The Post refers to Davidson as a lawyer “known for ‘pre-litigation’ agreements, settlements intended to be sure that damaging allegations never see the light of day.” His firm website reads: “Classic Problems, Modern Solutions. We thrive navigating through the difficult, the complex and the discrete affairs of our select clientelle (sic).” So he all but advertisers himself as being in this line of work.

Indeed, some quick Googling and Nexising show Davidson has been involved with an almost comical number of cases involving sex tapes, hush money agreements, and sex scandals. Davidson was directly involved in legal and/or money negotiations over a gay sex tape with Charlie Sheen, a woman who had an encounter with Ashton Kutcher, a sex tape tied to Austin Powers “mini-me” Verne Troyer. Most notably, it was Davidson who was hawking the Hulk Hogan sex tapeswhich eventually led to the bankruptcy of Gawker. He was actually investigated, though never charged, for extortion in that case. The FBI actually ran a sting operation against Davidson tied to his hawking the Hogan tape.

Karen McDougal at Sagamore Hotel on February 6, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida.









It appears Davidson’s MO is that he finds (mainly) women with stories about (mainly) wealthy men, negotiates settlements and gets a nice contingency fee for himself.

The lawsuit against Davidson may prove to be Trump’s undoing.  Unethical attorneys can create incredibly dangerous problems for their clients.  Davidson appears to be just such an attorney.

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  1. I recall reading somewhere about this attorney. As an attorney yourself, people like this must make you feel repugnant.

    Well – we have survived another week – and yet each week gets tougher. With Trump’ ignorance about trade – many of his farm supporters are going to feel some serious losses.


  2. Verne Troyer ended up in the ER this past week for addiction/psychiatric incident.
    Its all so confusing, just easier to stay at home eating cookies in the dark.


  3. We elected a clown and got a three ring legal circus. Is anyone doing a spreadsheet on the legal issues involving 45 and his minions? Mueller kept uncovering so many potential crimes, he had to add more specialist attorneys. we have women coming from all over testifying to affairs. Two states have successfully filed against 45 for violating the Emoluments Clause.
    The next thing we’ll find out is that 45 was taking food stamps as payment for rent in his vacant buildings. someday we may learn the answer to the big question. How much crime does a GOP elected official have to commit for them to notice and show some leadership?


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