Hysterical Video-Toddler Frightened by Trump

I suspect this was “fake news” but it is still funny!


One thought on “Hysterical Video-Toddler Frightened by Trump

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  1. In 2013, Willow et al were at the Butte and while hiking, her truck got vandalized (minor, someone etched a random word into the side like a trademark). She and friends said stuff like “who does that? who has the balls and is that shitty to vandalize someone’s shit?”

    There’s a pic of Todd buffing the scratch out in the garage afterward.

    I’ve always been pleased to know that the Palins have classy friends who are still shocked that there are vandals in the world. They often remark that the valley and Anch are terrible and wish it could be like the good ol days when kids in the 90s could bike to friends homes without fear of something.


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