Trump Speaks About Stormy

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Donald Trump has finally answered a question about the Stormy Daniels pay-off.  He said he was unaware of the payoff, and didn’t know where his attorney got the money.




2 thoughts on “Trump Speaks About Stormy

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  1. This guy is a gold mine of stupidity due to ego. He thinks he’s clever with his unscripted talk. 45 has probably been ordered to make no comments on the affairs. Then he gets tricked into a response on the NDA payment. Big mistake!

    The narrative on AF1 just destroyed the validity of the NDA and payment, as 45 denied knowing anything about it. It puts Cohen on the spot for supposedly creating a false document/contract related to the affair. Cohen could lose his license. Daniels’ attorney said that the AF1 interview was like a Christmas gift, destroying the validity of Cohen’s defense.


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