“Are You Kidding Me?”…We Already Know Sarah Palin is an Idiot

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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was called out on Twitter after she expressed shock over a California city’s universal basic income experiment.  That experiment was based on Alaska’s model that guarantees a minumum income for its residents.

“Are you kidding me?” Palin tweeted along with a link to a right-wing blog that denounced the income initiative in Stockton, California, as a “socialist” concept.

The blog post on AmericaNewsCentral.com criticized Stockton’s plan to provide a small number of low-income residents with a $500 stipend per month.

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs responded later that afternoon. “Actually modeled after the Alaska Permanent Fund. Are you familiar with it?” he tweeted.

The Alaska Permanent Fund pays out dividends to Alaska residents every year. According to the state’s constitution, at least 25 percent of Alaska’s mineral royalties—mostly oil money—is deposited into that principal. As of February 2018, the fund was worth $64.7 billion. In 2017, it paid out $1,100 to qualifying residents.

Tubbs is Black.

Thank you, Alaska for helping to inform our approach! https://twitter.com/michaeldtubbs/status/980874862288805888 

I wonder if the fact that Tubbs is black had anything to do with Palin’s decision to attack the Mayor?

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4 thoughts on ““Are You Kidding Me?”…We Already Know Sarah Palin is an Idiot

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  1. Someone allegedly said:

    “She’s angry that Jesus did not save her from ‘Chuck’ putting his penis inside her. That has always been the source of her anger.”


  2. Sarah Palin the typical trump liar and stooge. Still waiting for McCain to tell the real story about how he was forced to put that deranged woman on the ballot. And how thankful he was that he did not win.


  3. I’ll go along with Palin’s racist self going off. Black guy mayor helping minorities in a mixed race city. Stockton has a high percentage of Palin’s favorite people, Hispanic, Black, and Asian. Palin is definitely angry because she spent all her PAC money, and poor people are getting financial assistance in Stockton.

    And, she’s in that 16th minute of fame status, just throwing any type of hate out there to be relevant. The flailing hand above the water as the gator of anonymity drags her down.


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