Trump’s Amazon Bashing is a New Low…Even for the Donald

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Amazon employees 566,000 people.
Amazon is the largest internet retailer in the world.
Amazon is the fourth most valuable company in the world.
Amazon is the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure services.
A logical person would choose Amazon as an example of what Americans can do to Make America Great Again. 
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 Yet our President seems to have endless energy to bash Amazon.
What makes this bashing different from that of other Presidents bashing other companies is that in Trump’s case his bashing of Amazon is so personal.  Trump has admitted that  Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon also owns the Washington Post.  Trump is convinced that the Washington Post has treated him unfairly.
Image result for amazonToday  Trump tweets another attack on Amazon.  This is his fifth in a week.  This time, he focused his criticism on The Washington Post.  Trump repeated the false claim that the Post is a “lobbyist” for Amazon.  Trump has asserted that Amazon doesn’t pay taxes.  That has been shown to be false.
Trump has also asserted that Amazon’s use of the Postal Service causes “tremendous loss to the U.S.” in taxes and other revenue. Mr. Trump has previously blasted Amazon for making the postal service “dumber and poorer.  Yet this assertion is not only false, but quite the contrary.  First there was a 2006 law passed that mandated that each line of business within the postal service set its prices at least high enough to break even. In other words, for the postal service to lose money on package delivery would be against the law.  Moreover, the Postal Regulatory Commission has consistently found that Amazon’s contracts with the USPS are profitable,” as reported by Fortune.  In fact, packages and shipping are almost the only area that is growing for the postal service.  Last year it brought in more than $19 billion in revenue.  As the volume of letters and magazines declines, the projected growth in revenue “is driven entirely by increases in shipping and packages,” the postal service said in its latest annual report.  Thus Amazon has been a “boon to the Postal Service.”
After Trump’s attacks on Amazon, the company realized a loss of  $60 billion in valuation of the company’s stock.
Even Fox News finds Trump’s criticism of Amazon to be personal and unfounded.


Trump’s tweets disparaging Amazon are unfounded, fake news, destructive and defamatory.  Amazon should sue Trump for defamation!  Maybe in the interest of judicial economy Amazon  could draw the same judge as the one presiding in Stormy Daniels defamation suit against Trump’s attorney.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Amazon Bashing is a New Low…Even for the Donald

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  1. It is not a low, just a HUUUGE example of stupidity due to lack of research and simple understanding of a subject. Amazon hurts the Postal Service is another luddite statement, trailer park idiot myth. Amazon feeds the USPS a ton of business that would normally be walking out of store in customers’ shopping carts.

    45 wakes up and notices something, interprets it totally wrong, and then goes off without checking facts. I’m surprised he didn’t send the Army out Easter morning to check for reopened graves.


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