Bristol’s Kids are So Confused !

Easter can be a time for family, fun, laughs, and for some it can be a time to celebrate their religion.

Image result for funny easter

Image result for funny easter

For Bristol Palin’s kids, Easter is a time to explore the age old question…Who’s  your daddy?

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If Bristol and Dakota are in the midst of a divorce, why do they keep posting pictures of the kids on social media?  If the Palin family wants the press to leave them alone, why do they keep posting pictures of the kids on social media?  If the Palin family values their privacy, why do they keep posting pictures of the kids on social media?

Image result for funny easter

11 thoughts on “Bristol’s Kids are So Confused !

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  1. Anytime parents can set aside their differences and have a positive experience for their children it should be viewed as a positive sign of maturity and responsibility. Truthfully I’m impressed and a little surprised they did this. Other than for pure schadenfreude why would we not want these kids to have two parents who can behave like adults and can interact together? Nothing is worse than divorcing parents who act like Aholes. We have all been to the graduation or wedding that is marred by the parents acting like that.


  2. Keep posting? They literally post next to nothing and always have. Also, why would you falsely state any Palins have ever had to ask “who’s your daddy?”

    What mental illness, Malia, do you have that you enjoy lying about people you do not know? None of these people are druggies, addicts and deadbeat. They all have jobs/support themselves. They all value family and have a strong foundation – or the 10 years of bullying and abuse they’ve endured from sociopaths in the media would’ve propelled at least one to commit suicide.

    When Trig was attacked, his brother defended him with a cute meme of a pic of him that said “be jealous I am impervious to the opinion of others and only know love and happiness.”

    Because the Palins breathe love and happiness and “real.” Sarah is legitimately the only political person maybe in history who has 0% narcissism and 100% heart. THAT is a fact ALL her friends and family repeat often.


  3. It takes a village to raise these children.

    The genetic make up of a palin is like trying to find a haystack in a meth needle.


  4. Hairdresser Willow doesn’t use scissors – she shoots off each hair with a bullet.

    It gives her a sense of certainty.


  5. One count shows Bristol has had: Trigg, Tripp, DWTS baby, Haiti baby, and two more little girls (SIX kids!). Don’t think any of them share the same daddy.


  6. Barstool is in for a surprise. Kids are much smarter, tech savvy, and able to find the truth at their fingertips. As they hit their teens and Google their names, all of the Palin dirt will show up on their smartphones. Even worse, they can run DNA samples to do genetic tracing.
    That said, somewhere down the line, one of the grifter offspring will be looking for some easy cash. He or she will know that there’s big bucks either as blackmail or by selling the results of DNA samples from Trigg and his possible mothers.


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