Seth Rogen Confirms Trump’s Affair with Stormy Daniels

5 thoughts on “Seth Rogen Confirms Trump’s Affair with Stormy Daniels

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  1. Trump must pay everyone to be his so called friend. Everyone he knows actually cannot stand such a terrible person. He is pure evil.


  2. Random but I really think some liberals are bitter because Sarah’s kids are some of the FEW in Alaska who have no close friends (no friends at all really) who are addicts. In a WORLD where addiction is huge and growing, it’s remarkable none of Sarah’s kids in reality have never been addicts or into drugs. All the blog lies and propaganda in the world cannot erase that fact.


  3. BTW, I am not talking about a potential minor addiction to a pain med one of them probably took for one of his surgeries. Though I doubt it’s a problem.

    Sarah is a good mom and pro at creating a good foundation for kids, because MOST humans would’ve actually commit suicide at a decade of abuse from sociopathic liberals.


    1. lilgomez,
      If you believe “sociopathic liberals” are sick why would you think any mentally healthy individual would take their own life, as a result of something said by one of thos socipaths?


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