Sarah Palin Suggests Expertise in Cocaine Use

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Sarah Palin explains, “Well there you have it”.  Palin features a link to an article that bears the title “Liberal Jaws Drop When They See What Happened AFTER Stormy’s Big Tell-All Interview.”

The misleading title for the article is a reference to a suggestion made by Twitter users that Stormy Daniels was under the effects of cocaine during the Anderson Cooper interview because her pupils were dialated.

First, let me be clear…there was nothing that happened AFTER the interview to indicate that Daniels was under the influence of cocaine.  The article cited by Palin has only a reference to dialated pupils during the interview, as evidence of cocaine use.  There was no report that anyone had witnessed Daniles sniffing cocaine off a 55 gal barrell, or any other object at the time of the interview…or during snowmobiling.


Relmember when I asked the question whether Palin was under the influence of cocaine on Amazing America?  In that article I observed 7 different reasons that were observed to justify asking the question.  However the more important question to ask is why would anyone care…or be surprised… if a porn star used cocaine?  There are plenty of reasons to care if a Governor or Vice President had used cocaine.

Image result for palin cocaine

Image result for palin cocaine

9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Suggests Expertise in Cocaine Use

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  1. Her divisive ignorance is her way of being – there’s no such thing as a “liberal” jaw. She needs to see us all as human, and stop creating and hiding behind labels, which create separateness, which in turn needs to be defended (ie guns). This idea of being separate is a vicious cycle.


  2. Funny that is what roger stone is accusing his buddy of. The entire trump mess seems like a bunch of drug addicts and drunks. Cant wait till Mueller takes them all down. What a bloody mess.


  3. I think we can all agree in the theory of gravity. If you throw up some moose stew it usually goes down. The law of gravity is unjust because you may throw up on a wall and gravity has nothing to do with it.

    We can also agree that Sarah “Pablo Escobar” palin is an expert in cocaine. She has snorted it everywhere from a garbage can to the dash board of a speeding car. No person can deny her expertise.

    She is also an expert on hookers, sex slaves and porn stars. She has a PhD in this from trump university.

    If dr Sarah says this porn star was junked up on blow then it is a fact. This statement would stand up in the highest court. The honorable judge Judy would defend this beyond reproach and stuff.


    1. painchipeater.
      Trump is trying to convince that the theory of gravity is “fake news” but liberals have opposed builing a wall because they are afraid of the outcome of the moose stew challenge that would surely reveal that gravity is fake news.


  4. Hi Malia –

    Silly Sarah – when it comes to drug use and trying to smear someone else – she should be a bit more cautious.

    Couple of other things I have been wanting to ask you about –

    Do you hear anything from Shailey? Hope she is doing ok.
    What ever happened on your many requests for info from the government on the Secret Service guy – Cheney?
    Also – have not seen anything about Track Palin’s court case.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful week-end.


    1. Pat,
      Silly Sarah is right!
      I haven’t heard from Shailey in at least 6 months.

      After the Magistrate Gave me an award of my attorney fees, I agreed to accept the documents they had given and no more. It was quite sad because from the documents that were produced it was clear that Mark Sullivan lied to Congress, and Congress issued a report finding that he lied, but nothing happened. AT Smith lied to me in his response to my FOIA Request, and nobody cared. I tried to get the Congressional oversight committee to do something about it but..alas…no interest.

      I too haven’t seen anything about Track’s case.

      Hope you have a great Easter/Passover weekend. I’m having a great one!


  5. What an idiot! Compare Robin Williams or Howie Mandel general behavior to Daniels’ behavior in the interview. Do they seem similar? Not even close! Palin uses amphetamines, and she has no clue about the behavioral side effects, like screeching speeches, rambling disconnected words that make no sense, appearing thin and way underweight, appearing pale and gaunt, tanning solution streaks on hands, legs, and feet.

    Daniels was calm, collected, well spoken, and balanced, except for the sad moments in her story. And there, she showed true empathy. She lo0oks healthy, like a true California native, not like some sun starved banshee from the meth capitol of America.


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