Trevor Noah : “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!–Trump Edition”



3 thoughts on “Trevor Noah : “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!–Trump Edition”

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  1. Trump will not qualify for a Federal Public Defender until all of his assets are gone. Charges of Treason, conspiracy, collusion, money laundering, FEC violations, murder, rape and overall con artist are very serious crimes. Even the employee of the American people, “The white physician” cannot help or save him after stating what an excellent DNA specimen he is to fake the presidency of the usa.


  2. Great comments on transgender troops. Totally agree with Trevor on their bravery. Coming out as trans has to be a tremendous challenge. Then you have the medical aspect of correcting your physical self to match your sexuality. Most people are very skittish with any type of complicated surgery. To top it all off, they decide to enter the most difficult setting for anyone who might be a little unique, boot camp and the male oriented world of military service.

    Interesting that our troops and military officers don’t mind serving with trans people, but the professional draft dodgers in D.C. seem to have an irrational fear of them. Probably a good thing the draft dodgers stayed home. Hate to see the U.S. military getting chased out of a war zone, because the enemy dressed up in drag and scared them off.


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