Trump Will Be Glued to His Television Tonight!

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It seems uncontrovertible that Donald watches 4 to 8 hours of television every day.

Usually Trump prefers to watch Fox.  Fox was named 2017’s most influential show in media by news and opinion blog Mediaite, probably because the president himself tweets, talks about, and cites the show so often on his Twitter account.


Of the reported eight hours of television the President Trump watches every day, the New York Times says he reserves an entire hour in the morning for Fox & Friends.

Tonight at 7:00 the President will surely NOT be watching Fox.  He won’t be watching the NCAA Basketball Elite Eight.  He’ll be watching Stormy Daniels give an interview with Anderson Cooper.  Most of America will surely be tuning in.

Daniels will be discussing a “hush agreement,” as Clifford put it in her own lawsuit, seeking to free herself from it.  That agreement was signed on October 28, 2016 by Daniels, but not the President.   That was the same day Comey, in a letter to Congress, may have cost Hillary Clinton the presidential election. The volatility of that political moment lends credence to Clifford’s charge that Cohen, in concert with Trump and his campaign, “aggressively sought to silence Mr. Clifford as part of an effort to avoid her telling her truth, thus helping to ensure he won” the presidency, according to court papers her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, filed in a Los Angeles county court. If there’s any truth to this coordination, and the Federal Election Commission substantiates it, the unreported hush money violated campaign finance laws.

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The brilliance of Clifford’s legal and public-relations moves, including this Sunday’s long-awaited interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes, is that they outmaneuver Trump at every turn — which may explain his own reticence about the whole thing since the Wall Street Journal blew the lid off it in January. In a wide-ranging articleexploring the seven-year saga, there’s a fantastic quote attributed to Cohen, whom Clifford is accusing of breaching the hush agreement because he himself confirmed its existence to the press. “I didn’t fucking breach it!” Cohen is said to have yelled, according to the Journal, sounding every bit like any concerned friend would.

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It’s tempting to see the 60 Minutes interview as the apex of the Stormy Daniels moment. But Avenatti believes the story has only just begun. “The president may be able to fire [Robert] Mueller, but he can’t fire me or my client, and we’re not going anywhere,” he said.

So as we watch the interview tonight, the interview itself will surely be memorable.  However Trump’s reaction will be even more memorable.  Will Trump remain silent on Twitter?  Will he call upon his friends in Russia to threaten Daniels?  Will Daniels and her lawyer become the victims of a lethal gas attack while sitting on a Park Bench?  Will Melania be the first First Lady to become the Ex-First Lady while living in the White House?  Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “Trump Will Be Glued to His Television Tonight!

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  1. First off, Fox no news scam media garbage is thee most dangerous station today. It has caused and enabled more chaos and damage to society than any other. It should be charged with corruption and treason and removed by the FCC.
    Next. I probably will watch 60mins. But I really don’t care to hear about trumps lousy tiny ED dick nor his lousy nasty bedside practice of being a dysfunctional man and pos. He is the worst example for our young men to witness. Whatever stormy says you can bet there are 10x worst stories of this pos raping a 13 yr old against her will with his predator friend epstien and trash. Or the sex parties that lured little girls in florida. Or even the human trafficking/employment condo sales aka money laundering. He is a flat out liar, criminal and floating turd in the swamp waiting to be flushed.


  2. I do not feel one ounce of pity for Melania, Malia, and, after a year as flotus, do we even know what she does all day? Seems to me a whole lot of nothing. She knew what she was getting into when she went after him and now she pays the price. Hope the pre-nup money is worth it to her; I never got that mindset but plenty out there like her.


  3. Completely OT.

    Doctors are discovering that exposure – of any kind – to Sarah Palin directly causes perianal discomfort.

    Translation – she’s a pain in the ass.


  4. We are getting trump ready. Everybody is is talking about stormy. Trump even said he would not watch Fox News and change the channel.

    The good news is trump can’t remember what the other channels are. He can’t remember to not crap in his pants actually.

    So we tricked him a little. We are going to tune into the weather channel. We are saying things like it’s fake news about how stormy it is going to be etc

    This way he can say it was never stormy. He could also pass a lie ditector test.

    It’s getting easier. Day care is going well. We are getting a vcr and playing old secret squir episodes with Boris and Natasha.

    Then we change his diapers for a nappy and he can talk about the russian problems so a 4 year old could understand.

    He is turning into Benjamin button. He will start teething in a week and
    asking to be breast fed.

    So I guess all is well.


  5. Wow! She started with a statement that would normally be met with a barrage of Tweets. She was not attracted to him. Ouch!!!! That is going to be a kidney stone size irritation for the Tweeter in Chief.

    This interview opens the door for all of the other people under NDA’s. The premise is that they are defending themselves against false statements by 45 and his attorneys. A third party says the event happened. Tweet man throws out denials immediately opening the door for a defense response to the media. So, 45 does NOT hire the best attorneys, judging by all the situations not covered in the NDA’s.


  6. In 2011 there were security cameras in parking lots, intersections and at businesses in Las Vegas. Cohens “attorney” Schwartz came out this am in loud mouth bully fashion to deny. This paid mouth piece and liar in loud bully manner made more threats. Trumps entire life is about fighting, threats and being a bully. He employs bullies to do his dirty nasty work. He is running out of people. This does have a lot to do with his “fake” election. The nasty dirty lying NRA Russia and Trump mob are as guilty as they come.


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