Stormy Daniels Fires a “Warning Shot” to Trump

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Stormy Daniels is the porn star suing Trump.  Her attorney tweeted a picture of a disc that he described as a  “warning shot” to the President.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is this worth???? #60minutes #pleasedenyit #basta.”
Avenatti said in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the disc contains evidence proving the porn star’s claims about her alleged affair with Trump.
“I want to be really clear about this: It is a warning shot. And it’s a warning shot to Michael Cohen and anyone else associated with President Trump that they better be very, very careful after Sunday night relating to what they say about my client and what spin or lies they attempt to tell the American people,” Avenatti said.
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8 thoughts on “Stormy Daniels Fires a “Warning Shot” to Trump

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  1. Oh this is all so pathetic. Donald, A person that hijacked our democracy with aide from hostile foreign communist thugs and the NRA of the world. Gee the “citizen united” decision by the supreme court that has allowed this crime to happen has really taken a criminal hold for now. The judges that voted for this must be removed. As we slept, our country, this world was taken into a very dark swamp of the worst humans on the planet. It is beyond belief that it has gotten this far and has harmed so many. Mass protest to end this crime and demand arrest of those involved is mandatory today.


  2. Donnie cannot flee to his florida dump site when kids are marching for their life. They must follow him wherever he goes. He cannot hide. Seek and destroy Bolton, bannon, Rubio, etc and all involved in their deranged agenda and distortion of reality. Times up.


  3. Hi Malia –

    Just hello and hoping you are having a good day. So amazed at the marches today. Here in Central Calif so many cities and small communities having great turnouts. Wonderful.


  4. Trump obviously was manipulated and should stand up for his writes.

    Of course he did not have a sexual relation with this woman. It’s impossible because he was married.

    Now if she got knocked up you can bet it was a dirty toilet seat event.

    He needs to get out in front of this before people think he is a bad person


  5. How is it that a child is weaned off a security blanket, yet evangelicals are not weaned off their savior?

    Different stages of the same myth.


  6. Avenatti should work part time in film. This guy is a great mix of mob subtlety and pure intelligence. He makes all of 45’s attorneys look like mo’s. In addition, the media is jumping on the deafening silence from Tweety Boy on the alleged affair. Avenatti keeps piling on that evidence and the guy who Tweet fights Biden remains silent.

    Look for a nationwide power blackout caused by illegal immigrants at around 7 PM Eastern Sunday night.


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