John Oliver Highlights The Dangers of Mike Pence

I’ve ordered a personal copy!

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7 thoughts on “John Oliver Highlights The Dangers of Mike Pence

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  1. It is said in hallowed halls that Karen Pence could never be made to orgasm, for she loves Jesus too much.

    Well, maybe she did with her first husband, but certainly not with Mike.


  2. I am stunned at the response by the religious community when ask, how do you support and condone Donald j trump and his behavior and history? A pastor answered me by saying, well some would say that Hillary was no different, there are just as bad people on that side. Another answered that none of it matters because they welcome the rapture and end of times, this is just par for the course. I was stunned to say the least. I may not be extremely organized religious but I have a basic understanding of the basic belief and character of the human soul. Basic human kindness, hope, forgiveness, honesty, and truth is what I believe. Forgiving those that have harmed another and our country is the most challenging for me.


  3. Pence is what is keeping 45 in office. The GOP knows they picked up a live Holy Hand Grenade in the form of Mike Pence. He’s the worst possible person to be in power. The country needs to remove these to two at the same time.

    Perhaps Mueller is looking to make the election null and void due to foreign influences. Give us a second chance. All Feds start on a 90 day to 3 year probationary period. Why can’t we do that with elected officials?


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