Even Depends Couldn’t Stop the Leaking from Trump’s White House

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President Trump congratulated Putin on his recent election.

John McCain spoke out condemning  this horrific congratulatory message.

The reporting in The Washington Post, indicates that Trump was specifically warned by White House staff NOT to congratulate Putin on his “win”.  Trump’s briefing papers contained the phrase:   “DO NOT CONGRATULATE”.  Any moron would realize that this was not a real election, and that people who voted for Putin were doing so as a result of coercion not “choice”.
Obviously, the leaking of this information is a story in itself.  To me there is a clear message.  Trump must be beholden to Putin.  Putin must have significant dirt on Trump.  Otherwise why would Trump go out of his way to complement and congratulate Putin, and announce it to the world when Trump is under investigation by Robert Mueller?
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Why would Putin mention anything about Russian prostitutes being the “best in the world” when asked about Trump if he didn’t want to make sure Trump knew he had dirt on Trump?

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2 thoughts on “Even Depends Couldn’t Stop the Leaking from Trump’s White House

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  1. Palin was tapped (tokenism) by McCain just 20 months after becoming governor.
    And just years before she was playing volleyball in high school.
    These two events bookend a period where she attended multiple lesser-known community colleges over a grainy extended period allegedly resulting in a purported generic entry-level journalism certificate.


  2. John McCain had his own Russian moment when he was forced to put old sarah palin on the ticket for some strange reason. He was extorted by someone? Who? One of his campaign staff forced McCain to put old sarah palin on the ballot. I think McCain wanted to lose just for that reason. And the shitshow continues today but with the nasty dirty liar. Don trump. Russia has dirt on him along with his debt. Sanctions are driving putting nuts.


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