Trump Won’t Take a Lie Detector Test Because the Truth Hurts!

Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, has filed a claim in the Stormy Daniels suit asking for $20 Million Dollars.  Cohen is asserting a claim for damages as a result of a contract that Cohen signed,  but Trump never signed.

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At the 5 minute mark in this video, the White House press secretary denied that the affair between Trump and Daniels never occurred.  However Sanders went on to assert that the President won an in arbitration, thereby suggesting by implication that the President was a party to a contract with Stormy Daniels.

It was later reported that Trump was unhappy with Sanders for her response.

Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ attorney has producedthis photo from a video taken of Daniels during a polygraph exam conducted in May of 2011.  That exam was conducted before Trump suggested he might run for President.  Avenattti confirmed that he paid $25,000 to purchase the video of the polygraph exam along with related documentation.

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Both the White House and Cohen denied that Trump had an affair with Daniels.  However Cohen admits that he paid Daniels $130,000 to buy her silence about the affair that he claims never happened.  When Daniels gave an interview to In Touch Magazine about the affair, the magazine required her to take the lie detector test.  Western Security Consultants conducted the polygraph test and confirmed with 99% certainty that Daniels and Trump had intercourse in July of 2006.  As of this moment, Trump and Cohen have not responded to request for comment about the polygraph test results.

The interview with Daniels never ran in the magazine at the time because Cohen threatened the magazine with legal action.

Threats of Trump and his attorneys have been well documented.

It seems that Trump and his attorney have met their match.  CNN will feature an interview with Daniels on Sunday the 25th.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Won’t Take a Lie Detector Test Because the Truth Hurts!

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  1. First problem with 45 and a lie detector is they can’t establish a baseline on a person who lies all the time. Second problem, he has to know he’s lying. Third problem, none of of the screens or graph paper have enough vertical height to handle 45’s level of deceit. The needle would keep going off the graph.

    One final note, for those who may have missed the third grade president’s “Look what I did” moments, his signature is a lie detector printout. It’s the needle going up and down, warning everyone.


  2. Trump is innocent as usual. How can a man keep paying his hoes 130k here and there.

    The logical thing to do is to blow it off and let some lawyer down the street negotiate in silence. He can then get a home equity loan and pay 130k. I am sure his wife will understand the kids are not going to college because he paid off a hoe for an innocent guy.

    If I was trump I wood sue the lawyer for putting his name on the contract. He is so innocent the lawyer who did not represent him made him party to something he had no idea was going on.


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