Stephen Colbert on Trump in Pennsylvania Endorsing Himself

5 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert on Trump in Pennsylvania Endorsing Himself

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  1. Hope the Austin bomber is found ASAP . Dakota is in Austin, right? What’s he been up to? He did just leave his entire family so he could be alone.


  2. It will be interesting if the Austin bomber will leave a trail to trump and putin war crimes through social media. The unstable pair of moronic dictators clearly are not too bright. Their crimes coming to a close and awaiting the end is their only existence today.


  3. That PA endorsement rally was one of the most embarrassing things I have seen for a GOP campaign. 45 has no idea how to run an endorsement rally. Is there any leadership in the Republic;ican party at all? When will someone step up and address the insanity? When will someone in the party realize they have a demented old man who feels no party affiliation, no sense of duty, no loyalty?

    We are watching the destruction of the Republican party, exactly as Putin would have it. The GOP once was the war hawk (and chickenhawk) party running all types of overt and covert missions around the world. Putin targeted our more dangerous warlike political party and is completely dismantling it with a cast of ill prepared, ignorant lemmings. This Grand Old Party, once led by General Eisenhower, is now a clown car with no leadership, no driver.


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