The Joke Was on Sarah Palin at Mar a lago

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The joke was on Sarah Palin.  She appeared at Mar a lago for a Republican fund raiser.  Donald Trump didn’t appear.  Melania didn’t appear.  Ivanka and Jared didn’t appear.  Todd Palin, Bristol, Dakota and Willow and Trig weren’t there.  The people who did appear with Sarah conveyed a message from Donald Trump.  Diamond and Silk were there.

Diamond and Silk are not particularly impressive individuals.  They are not known for being particularly informed or impressive speakers.  Star Parker also appeared.

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Star Parker was  the emcee for the evening.  She couldn’t pronounce Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s name when she introduced the potential Republican gubernatorial candidate.  Star Parker has made a name for herself by opposinabortiondivorcehomosexualitysame-sex marriageand birth control.

She herself has had four abortions.    She has admitted to committing  welfare fraud.   She  admits that she was on welfare for seven years.  She has also been divorced.

Given Trump’s long and colorful history of racism, it seems obvious that he chose these women to appear with Sarah Palin thinking that Palin wouldn’t realize that the joke was on her.  In Trump’s mind Diamond, Silk, Star, and Sarah were equally ignorant, hypocrites, and an embarassment to women.

Palin was reportedly paid a $15,000 speaking fee.  It’s not clear what, if anything, Diamond, Silk, and Star were paid.

During Palin’s speech the murmur of the audience reportedly rose to a “dull roar.”  Palin chastized her audience by saying:

“I wish you guys would pay attention to what I’m saying,” 

“I traveled all the way from Alaska for two days to get here.

It seems that Sarah Palin has still not realized that the joke is on her.  Nobody cares what she has to say.  She is as relevant as Diamond, Silk, and Star Parker.


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  1. “I wish you guys would pay attention to what I’m saying.”

    That’s just sad. What’s even more sad is her still pulling out her frontier woman shtick.


  2. Well…she made enough to pay some legal bills for her children and – hopefully – buy some decent clothes. But I have to wonder – does she really not see what a fool she is? Probably not as she is so grateful when someone asks her to speak somewhere – anywhere.


  3. I always liked that song genie in a bottle. Christina has an amazing voice. But Sarah the bright star is no different than the 3 paid lousy actors, star, diamond and silk. I bet they were paid more and received free travel expense. Poor sarah is desperate for money. She is not even able to be a high end escort, prostitute, model, or even porn actress. She is just a fake hockey mom and boar boob with lipstick.


  4. Stick a fork in the Wasilla loon – she’s done! Sarah was so desperate she took a 30-minute speaking gig that only paid her $15,000. Asking the crowd to pay attention to her should have been her cue to get the hell off the stage! No one is interested in the has-been from Alaska. Time for Sarah to pack it in.


  5. That’s what it looks like when you hit the 16th minute of your 15 minutes of fame. She was there because no one else on the proposed speaker list would accept the offer.
    Knowing Palin, she arrived with empty suitcases and left with a load of linens and comp toiletries. Knowing 45, he had the maids leave all the dirty linens and used toiletries around Palin’s room so she would steal a bunch of dirty laundry.


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