SNL on the “The Trump Organization,” An Oxymoron

4 thoughts on “SNL on the “The Trump Organization,” An Oxymoron

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  1. Nice!


    1. Piper and her alleged mom in maralago dressed for a funeral.

    2. Banks were bailed out. Car companiea bailed out.
    Children, however, have NOT been bailed out. Toys R Us is being allowed to fail, meaning, our children aren’t important, they have no value, they don’t matter, they don’t deserve success. Children are the most important asset, and trump is ensuring failure for our children. Kids must have the toystore!! Without it, they’ll turn to sex, drugs, violence, and incarceration. Obama would have bailed out this nations children. How is it the adults got bailed out??? Why is this not Top Story??? Its NOT about the 33000 lost jobs,, its about assigning failure for our kids and in turn the nation.


  2. Wow, I’m surprised no one has used that in a major media story. It certainly explains the 4-6 bankruptcies and problems securing U.S. financing. 28% of the country paid for a wealthy highly skilled business tycoon, and they ended up with a demented old man who is probably not a billionaire. He can’t even manage a White House Cabinet or staff the basic functions of the Federal government.

    This clown car full of business giants can’t even take the time to read that documentation that explains how to manage the various functions of the Federal Government.


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