Wasilla Must Be Closer to Mar a lago than to Cleveland!

Palin spoke last night at Mar a lago,so it would be logical to assume that Alaska must be closer to Florida.  Google Maps indicates Wasilla is 4453 miles from Mar a lago, but only 3882 miles to Cleveland, so the only logical conclusion is that Google Maps must be a promoter of Fake News.

Grandma Palin appeared last night without Todd, or any of her 5 children.  Don Jr. was in attendance without his spouse, but brought one of his five children.  Neither Donald Sr., or Melania was in attendance.

Image result for sarah palin mar a lago

Donald Trump Jr. was a hit. Sarah Palin was not.

He didn’t deliver a speech – but got rave reviews.

Palin delivered a 31-minute dinner speech that should have been limited to a simple wave and blowing of the Republican kiss.

Image result for palin waiveImage result for palin blowing kiss

Instead, Palin bored her audience with jabbering that was typical of her “incoherent babbling.”

Here are a few memorable quotes from her speech:

Our president is attacked because he represents an awakening. You the people’s movement … it is a threat to the corrupt power and wealth system that has, it’s betrayed us for far too long. Trump’s candidacy ripped the veil off that system that has betrayed us.”


“It’s an offense to Americans who voted for him , and we know why we voted for him. We did because candidate Trump knew what was at stake and the power is controlled, and it’s trillions of dollars. So we will not just idly sit by and let the deep state nullify the election with their shenanigans and their expensive antics like the resource sucking investigations to nowhere.”

“We won’t act dumb and let a foreign regime just dump their metals, their product, on the market” and “finally we can drill, baby, drill.”

12 thoughts on “Wasilla Must Be Closer to Mar a lago than to Cleveland!

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  1. This speech of hers proves her ignorance of reality:
    “An awakening?”
    “Removing the veil?”

    What’s ignorant is that she actually 100% believes that!!! She believes that!!!!
    She is a complete dummy!!!
    Her childish religion has cemented her as a complete dummy!!!
    Malia I thought maybe you, for humor, edited in those phrases into her speech. You did not. Holy f###, what a dummy!!!!

    She is unable to listen.
    She is unable to see.
    She is unable to speak for herself.


  2. Aliens! Can’t you see the connection? They speak some strange jumbled language of disconnected words and phrases. We expect totally different sounding words from aliens and foreign people. What if the aliens took the English version of words to develop their own language? Where do these human like aliens come from? Why do we expel foreign people when these aliens have not mastered the Americanized version of English? Why can’t we deport the offensive ones?


      1. Oh we can say that and more about trump. He is palin on steroids. I did not think I could dislike a human as I do trump.


  3. Had to giggle at ““I wish you would pay attention; I traveled two days from Alaska to get here.” The queen bee is no more than a gnat.


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