Stupid People are Called “Stupid” for a Reason










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5 thoughts on “Stupid People are Called “Stupid” for a Reason

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  1. You should see stoopid wingnuts when they see a sign that says wet paint. Just keep a cop handy and a camera handier. Make sure the telephoto lens is attached. Objects in the objective mirror are smaller than they appear.


  2. We know how stupid Donald trump is but we didn’t know how stupid jeff sessions could be. Jeff bowed down to Donald to save his position again yesterday. A little man that could not stand up to a bully and criminal. A little man with a license to prosecute. It is the worst example of justice to all.
    If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then I say break the law, by Henry David Thoreau


  3. OT.
    Ann Coulter ripped Lesley Stahl over the Devos 60 Minutes interview. Didn’t even mention devos’ performance!
    Ann Coulter is trash. And a taller smarter version of Sarah Palin.


  4. The proposed border wall brings to mind the photo of a gate with no fence and the sign “Please close the gate.” If you fence something in, it needs to be secured all the way around the secured area. Only a stupid person would spend a lot of money on a fence and gate that is open on three sides. Only a stupid person would spend billions on a fence without examining the proper height and depth needed to make the area secure from the intruders’ abilities.

    Here are some wise words from a true world leader:


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