Don Jr.’s Wife Tells Him: “You’re Fired”

Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. with their kids (from left) Tristan, Chloe, Spencer, Kai and Donald III

Vanessa Trump has had enough.  She has filed for divorce.   The reasons for the divorce are unclear.

Stephen Colbert remarked on the release by Trump Jr. of the most damaging e-mail pertaining to the Russia collusion investigation. Some suggested that Don Jr. was an idiot for releasing that e-mail, voluntarily.  That e-mail put Jr.  at the center of a firestorm after it was revealed that he took a meeting at Trump Tower in June 2016 with a Russian lawyer promising dirt on his father’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr. made matters worse for himself when he tweeted screen shots of the email chain, exposing his glee (“I love it”) over the prospect of learning damaging information about Clinton. Hours later, Trump Jr. went on Fox News’ Hannity and said, “In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently.”

A couple of explanations seem feasible.  First, Jr. campaigned for  Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania. Saccone lost in a state and district that was heavily concentrated with Trump voters.   Vanessa may not have realized what a loser Jr. was until he failed to turn out the vote for Saccone.

Another equally plausible explanation is that Trump Sr. ordered Jr. to divorce his wife because she previously called Trump Sr. a retard.  Let me be specific.  VAnessa said to Jr., oh, ” you’re “the one with the retarded dad!”

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  1. Another answer may be in the first photo of this post, the children and maternal instinct. Kids are closer to the ground, so they smell the BS that certain adults keep spreading. They also tend to question lies and events that do not make sense. Vanessa is home with five kids answering all their questions about dad. Meanwhile junior is busy shooting animals at private zoos and cavorting with the White House hooker, triple H. Maybe DT III said to Vanessa “Is dad boinkin’ that model gramps hired to do his staff?”

    There are two more moms, Conway and Saunders, who make me wonder if they interact at all with their children. How do they deal with their kids asking why they got on TV and tell lies every day? Hookers work for a pimp and lie to a handful of customers every night, for cash. KellyAnne and Sarah lie to millions out of loyalty to their pimp and for cash and some sense of celebrity. How do you properly raise children when creating an alternate (false) reality around them? They have neglected their primary duty in life to follow a wealthy (?), dishonest, demented old white guy.


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