Late Night Hosts on Firing of Tillerson


4 thoughts on “Late Night Hosts on Firing of Tillerson

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  1. All this talk of Stormy and shit, could you IMAGINE what things would’ve been like had social media and the internet existed during the 50s and 60s?

    Kennedy et al are equal to Trump.


  2. I imagine even after trump is stopped and removed there will be late night humor.
    This week saw connections to manfart and bridges collapsing. Military jets and helicopters falling out of the sky. Chemical plants blowing up. Wildfires. Failed fake contractors building fake proto type walls. Trump divorces beginning. More vacancies in the white house, murders, deaths, poisons, child marches for their life and safety, mueller demands and hateful ceo’s caught committing crimes. Gee? only Donald and fox no news can fix it, right?


  3. Watch reruns of Johnny Carson, Leno, and Letterman. Never have we seen so much comedy coming from the White House chaos. The ignorance and bumbling by businessmen trying to do government writes its own jokes. The captains of industry have been turned into a reality comedy show. The problem its that 99% of us are paying a steep price for the entertainment.


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