Russian Model Promises to Connect Trump to Russia

7 thoughts on “Russian Model Promises to Connect Trump to Russia

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  1. I read about this somewhere and apparently efforts have been made to get in touch with her – to no avail. I think her safety would be a big concern,


  2. That Russian models has nothing on trump. In fact there is a tape of her peeing all over him and her stealing all his coke and pills out of his jacket. What has this world come to.

    Todd also gave her a five finger silencer punch. Like mom always says you can say whatever you want as long as your broken jaw is not wired shut. Wise words I must say.

    This Russian hoe should return what she stole from trump because he stole the money from the American people.

    The bill trump sent people for are writes is the cornerstone of this great nation. These bills of writes must be paid or the second amendment is going to amend this chick Putin style.

    When you can’t trust an underage hoe where do you go. You have to ride out the storm.

    There are stormy waters ahead witch is a lot better than pee on a pillow. So that’s nice.


  3. In “Get Shorty” John Travolta used this line “I’m surprised you’re not dead.” This woman has no clue that Putin can get to her anywhere. The fact that she is alive after making these statements tells us that she is part of the chaos that is aimed at our political system. Putin uses hookers to compromise his opponents. The GOP gave Russia a golden goose in the last election in a poorly vetted, rutting hound who has been laundering money since the 80’s.


  4. You can bet there are quite a few Russian hookers in the usa setting up professionals and congressman for extortion and bribes. Yep the swamp is full. And pepe the frog trumpette is choking in the dung floating around him.


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