Trump Gives Tillerson No Notice; “You’re Fired”

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President Trump tells Rex Tillerson “You’re fired”.  He also explains that Tillerson will actually be happier not working for Trump.

Trump is replacing Tillerson with the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo.

Mike Pompeo, then a Republican Congressman from Kansas and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director nominee sits during his confirmation hearing Jan. 12, 2017

Trump didn’t have the decorum to advise Rex in a private meeting.  Tillerson found out he was fired at the same time as the general public.  It’s the same scenario as the firing of James Comey.

So who is Pompeo?  He supported restoring the National Security Agencys bulk collection of telephone metadata, a contentious terror-fighting tool Congress eliminated after Snowdens revelations. Its unclear if Pompeos views on using harsh interrogation techniques completely mirror those of Trump, who says: We should go tougher than waterboarding, which simulates drowning.

In September 2017, Pompeo said in his official capacity as CIA director, apparently inaccurately, that U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that Russian interference did not affect the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential electi

Pompeo directly contradicted U.S. intelligence agencies, which said that they had made no assessment one way or the other on the impact of Moscows hacking and propaganda campaign but its report stated that Russias aim was to try and help then-Republican candidate Donald Trumps election chances.

U.S. ambassadorships in at least 57 different posts remain vacant 13 months into the Trump administration, according to the State Department’s most recent list of overseas ambassadors dated February 1, 2018.

At the same time as Tillerson is leaving, it is also being announced that John McEntee, Trump’s personal assistant, was also fired.  He was “escorted out of the White House.”  The reason for his firing was not announced.

It appears Trump is so paranoid that he removes even his most trusted aids and cabinet members without any warning, and without even the courtesy of a “thanks but have to say bye bye.”

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  1. We need to cut the crap and use this revolving door to restore the $1.5 trillion lost in the tax bill. States should set up lotteries based on hirings and firings. Guess the next one out the door and the date and time, win $1 million tax free. Next one out only, wins $5. Name and date of firing wins $100. Resignations count as firings. And yes we will allow write ins for long shot hirings and firings.

    Remember, in this administration you cannot be fired without being hired. Submit your resume at once.


  2. Tillerson was not feeling well recently while out of the country. Was he poisoned? He ended his African trip and flew back to the USA. Did trump allow him to use taxpayer owned aircraft to fly home? or was he treated like comey? I look forward to the morning we hear the words, Donald John Trump, you are arrested for the crime of treason. Donald Trump you are arrested for the crimes of collusion with the enemy, conspiring with the enemy to commit fraud and rig the United States of America Presidential Election. That day will be Historic and begin the healing process from this dangerous outrageous crime against all Americans and America.


  3. Trump is such a coward – he could not even do the decent thing and tell Tillerson in person,. Trump’s behavior – on so many levels – is just repugnant.

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  4. There is no kaos going on here. Tillerson wanted to fly in a private jet and Trump fiscally directed him to take a southwest flight and a grayhound bus. Tilly could not handle the duties of the office or the smell from the back of the bus.

    Trump frugally fired Tilly on twitter to save this country another bus ticket to the whitehouse.

    If was tillys time to go. Its like playing that whack a moll game. Everytime he poped his head up trump kept missing him with the hammer. There werent a ton of molls left so he finnaly got him.

    Well back to the west chicken wing. Trump makes me only give him chicken wings from the west side of the chicken. Good thing he does not know from east to west actually he has no clue on North to South either. This brings me to the focus for trump this week.

    Trump wants the east and west Koreans to slap the north a south Koreans around. This way on a map the North south east west korea would look like a cross and the evangicals wood vote for him.

    Back to more important things Stormy-Ivanka trump is holding a press conference with Trump. She is pressing on his balls and making him repeat the star spangled Kremlin until he passes out. I hate it when she does this.

    Well vp Stormy is just days away. She is wearing lipstick and maybe shoes to her innauguration. I cant wait until she gets her own wax figurine just like the blow up doll trump has in his office.

    Back to picking the next trump casuality. Bring back bannon and the mooch.


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