Financial Crimes Disqualifies for White House; Qualifies for Trump’s Re-election Campaign

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In addition to Rex Tillerson, Trump’s personal assistant John McEntee, has also been  axed and removed from the White House for “security reasons”, according to the Wall Street Journal.

McEntee immediately joined Trump’s re-election campaign for 2020 as a senior adviser.

A CNN reporter tweeted Tuesday that McEntee was terminated because he is under investigation for “serious financial crimes” by the Department of Homeland Security.

McEntee served as Trump’s body man during the campaign and into the White House alongside the President’s longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller, who left the White House last fall. The role meant McEntee was nearly constantly at the President’s side.

Let’s pause for a moment and consider.  How could the person constantly at the President’s side have time to commit financial crimes without the President knowing about it, or being a part of it?  If the President was so worried about the thought that McEntee had committed financial crimes that he needed to be fired, why would Trump hire him immediately for his campaign…unless Trump needed more people involved with his campaign who had experience with financial crimes?

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2 thoughts on “Financial Crimes Disqualifies for White House; Qualifies for Trump’s Re-election Campaign

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  1. Malia
    Trump is getting worse as the days go by. He is totally out of control. There are no boundaries to his insanity. There is only a small handful of Repubs who will address what is going on. We are all going to pay a heavy price for his insatiable ego.


  2. If the strategy is to make it obvious to trump and his stumps that their crimes are in full view and undeniable to all people, even his supporters? We are here. There is no hiding this outrageous criminal group of lousy actors and their motivation to disrupt the world and create chaos everywhere. They will all be removed from societies around the world and jailed for their hateful ignorant agenda.


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