Trump’s Wrong More Often than Right!

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It’s becoming embarrassing how often the President of the United States is just flat out, undisputably WRONG!  

Here are just a few examples of things he got wrong.    These are not things that are “wrong” because I disagree with him.  They are factually wrong.

Size of inaugural crowd.

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Chicago toughest gun laws.

Own birthday.

Wrong mass shooting.

The role of Napolean.

Identity of Second deadliest country in the world.

Wrong Theresa May.

State of Union tickets spelling mistake.


Location of Obama’s birth.

Number of murders in Chicago.

The size of his home.

Stop and frisk didn’t work in New York.

Trump Tower was wiretapped.

Photos of things that were misidentified.

907 false claims.

With his speech this weekend, there were 64 memorable lines that embody the worst of President Trump.


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One thought on “Trump’s Wrong More Often than Right!

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  1. Conway, Sanders, and 45 are the Three Stooges of pathological, political and professional lying. You know going in, it’s just total BS, so take it as over the top comedy.


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