Trump Jokes About Melania Being the Next to Leave

Only Donald Trump would make a joke about his wife leaving him as a result of his involvement with a Porn like Star Stormy Daniels.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Jokes About Melania Being the Next to Leave

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  1. Only in the nasty dirty shit infested swamp that Donnie lives in. The entire bunch are all perverted, deranged, delusional drug addicts or something. America has been exposed to the corrupt under world of society. Our young children will be warped from this terrible awful time in history. Trump and his enablers are disgusting.


  2. I thought that trump’s “joke” about the third wife being next to leave was amazingly offensive. I assume she was present when he made his remarks. Imagine if any other recent president had spoken like that about his wife in public. Like everything else that trump says, it was a mean and nasty attack on his wife. If she were smart, she’d take him up on it and leave.


    1. Beaglemom,
      I thought it was amazingly offensive too! She deserves better, and I’d leave him too! I think he’s so gross that it’s hard for me to imagine anyone being married to him, but to insult her infront of the camera after blatantly being unfaithful would be the last straw!


  3. Melania has to be thinking that 45’s attorneys are idiots. Anyone can see the incompetence. Melania should hire Mr. Avenatti. He seems to have the legal skills and stage presence to put the final nail in the White House coffin and free the lady in the tower.


  4. Trump is a abuser and you can bet each of his wives and children have been abused by him physically, emotionally and in other ways. He is the type that puts the fear into them and silence them as most abusers do.


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